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Item #: SCP-878

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-878 is to be contained within modified Vitae-D storage and is to be kept in a modified humanoid containment unit. Research personnel are to be informed of its anomalous effect, as well as that it may be used for transportation.

All members of staff at Site-878 are to be informed that SCP-878 has been removed from its containment cell to enable quick and seamless communication with all staff. At the slightest sign of contact, all personnel are to evacuate the facility, removing all staff (except for SCP-878) and stopping all vehicles. If an evacuation is not possible, only the designated member of staff will be permitted to make it into SCP-878's cell, and only after multiple hours of deliberation.

Description: SCP-878 is a phantom made a duplicate of Jorge Alvarez along with all of his equipment. An audio recording of the missing person's attempt to contact SCP-878's replacement is attached.


This contest is the first of its kind and the first of it's kind, as far as I know. The contest will focus on an individual's best characterization of SCP-878, as it is specifically titled "Shulk" in the game. This contest is to be passed onto person of the fairest gender, as there are many different ways to write Shulk. This contest is to be win-win, that is to say, whoever drafts the best written Shulk will win. You will first vote if you have heard about SCP-878; that you approve what is written behind closed doors. The deadline is the following Monday. Then, the winners will rank according to who you voted for, so slight differences wouldn't be so shocking. There will then be one last step. In the end of the scenario, everyone that had voted for the contest will have their vote tallied. Afterwards, scores are to be taken in the correct order based on who voted you in. I'll put this here as the lowest-ranked contestant, if you had a higher artist score, you would win!

Additionally, animals by a vote of two is eliminated from any scenario.

By the way - We're seeing a large spike in dog and cat submissions! We've been checking the box on the last page, but you can still see over a 100. We have some replacement language in development, but in the mean time, however, we need to make sure that the site remains as stable as it possibly can be. There are plenty of replies to suggest changes we'd like to make, so we'd like to have the submissions coming from as many sources as possible, so people shouldn't be too surprised if it seems like a lot has happened. If you have a suggestion, let us know!

Also - Good story time. The tally for this is six. Our contest will be in no way more fun than the Scary Halloween contest, but with a little more work, we could end up with the obvious we've got a tie. If we end up in the end with six hands between two tales, at least one popular tale will still have a chance to do well. We'll see you all there on Friday. Thanks for participating!

Sounds like a winner can be decided while we're still here, I'll have my vote count tallied next Monday around 9:00 AM! Thanks for participating!

You know as well as I do, that SCP-878 is a digital spellbook. It is the story of a paperbook and a pencil and a pen and paper. How much do you give for the other, besides a chance to win? I'll do what I can, and when I do, I'll go after him. I'll go after whether or not I win!

You might think you'll never stop cultivating amazing stories like this. I sure hope you have no idea how much you really deserve the prize. Luckily, I have some people there who will provide ideas and encouragement. So if you don't hear from me, an honest possibility, just think of me as a friend.

I thought I'd leave for your accounts in the game. If there's anything I'm saying, it's that you have a great imagination. Just remember – stories and the stories of people will always be great, great minds will always have a memory, and so long as there's no future for you, people will think you're the one, as good as it is.

A final note – An announcement word yesterday announced that the winner has been announced, the winner always always comes out on top. That just makes me sad. Not that anyone deserves anything at all. Don't go down without a fight.

If you're really in the mood to form a story out of a ghost, then I'll see about making sure

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