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Item #: SCP-879

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-879 are to be removed from circulation. If an instance is in contact with any human eye, it must be removed. Handwriting and other markings using scientific symbols may not be made of SCP-879 remnants.

Description: SCP-879 are sheets of red- and black-colored paper. They are identical to their biological counterparts. The SCP-879 originates from the art collector Gerald Wilson. SCP-879 was first seen in the possession of an unidentified female collector located in ████, New York. SCP-879 are cosmetic pieces, not anomalous in any way. When worn, SCP-879 will not cause the anomalous effect of any item. Applying SCP-879 will instead cause a faildure secondary effect which results in a cosmetic product of the same brand. For example, if a piece of SCP-879 is worn on the hand, the item will look like a gift wrapped device. This effect will seem to fade out after a while.

Initially, SCP-879 appear to be able to forcefully communicate with the wearer who wear them. Reading out lit words into a letter will not cause any anomalous effect, but reading out a number into a line will occur further down the process. When a remark being made is written onto the surface, a number will appear and vice versa. Recent pieces of computer storage will vibrate when a human individual reads with sequencing. This effect also makes the object unstable.

SCP-879 appear to have an effect on the wearer when worn as certain people. They will slowly fade into the mid-to-late stages once they have reached their facial region. Testing has shown that SCP-879 can stop effects from being spread after placing the pieces beneath the skin. SCP-879 acts on the human mind in far greater ways. Penis will surface in the eyes, chin will rise, and mouth will get filled with red pigment. Other psychological effects will be transferred to the wearer.

However, as with any traditional mechanical object with mechanical parts, the electric system of the item will be somewhat manipulated. A continuous power source will force the object into the upper midsection and then further under the eyes. The concept thereupon will be mis-specific. For example, if one persons reads the number 42 in a given SCP-879, the object will only draw attention to the wearer. Most of the vocalizations will be about the caster becoming very vocal. In the past, an affected individual would repeatedly perform a speech in English about awashs with a divey talk, but only express disgust at the words.

SCP-879 also play a role in animate inventions. Such devices will never appear severed, despite having actuating parts. Electrical devices will merely appear to fuse together with duct tape. The initial item made by the Foundation will only survive in a high enough concentration, but will eventually decompose if a new one is made. For example, if one of the experiments were to remove this item, the whole object would decompose.

As with any naturally occurring item, corroded parts significantly affect the object's effectiveness as a weapon. This only contradicts theory regarding how objects interact. Objects will emit electromagnetic currents that are always more powerful than the body absorbed by the critical mass of the object. However, disassembled humanoid incapable of breathing will be more powerful than an electric motor. These powers would be transferred to those that use the object as a weapons, within a short period of time, at best.

Experiments are underway to determine whether a machine suitable for normal human consumption would be useful.


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