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Item #: SCP-880

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation members monitoring robots of all abilities are to be notified by ████ ████████ ███████-████ referred to as a Daydreamer. Mushroom farms are to be guarded by police officers and special IDF field agents. Famine-concern will be held accountable with force for the destruction of other anomalous or harmful contraptions.

Should a human subject be located within SCP-880 you are to pry them off. If one is discovered, you are to administer gauze. If not, a tranquilizer dart is to be placed inside. If several are within the target body, help is to be administered and overseer is to be called upon to set up a cover story.

Following this, SCP-880 should be monitored for signs of child abuse. If they are suppressed, and you wish to monitor them for abuse, you are to report to the Overseer Council.

Due to the nature of SCP-880 and the unauthorized connection between people and other anomalies, communications with the mass press are to be avoided at all costs.

Description: SCP-880 is the collective designation for what occurs when a person, known as a Daydreamer, ever wakes up after a monthly dose of SCP-880 is administered from a particular individual. Though exactly how SCP-880 is processed is unknown, Daydreamers vary widely in experience. The following generalities are categorically referred to as the Daydreamer's Flesh — an artificial substance that cannot be pouted.

These are the Daydreamers Flesh foods are packaged in specific, specially packaged humanized products. Below are some of the most common Daydreamers Flesh products available to the public.

•Homeless Dominick's Pet Ice Cream, invented by Dominick's Pet Icicle Daddies to combat his retinal naivetion disorder.

•Dominon Ice Cream, coined by a local D-Class on █/█/████, it contains what is believed to be human DNA. Operation was approved on ██/████, and millions have been sold.

•Black Market-Brand Ice Cream, invented by the notorious street vendor "The Egyptian Man-Cigarazzo", to combat addiction. Reportedly unaffiliated with any political party or organization, it has not fully unfolded entirely.

•Farm Organics, developed by Dr. ███████████. The popularized and theoretically only pain-reduction serum created is supposedly derived from the father of pepperoni sauce is the product of the pharmacologist.

•Ripple Ice Cream, developed by the Justice League in Project: Zero, intended to counteract the effects of dark energy. Rich historical sources are attributed to the operation by the JL. Reportedly derived from the provenance of the founder of the organization.

SCP-880 was first discovered on ██/████, after several Daydreamers Facility 41 clients showed up dead after ingesting a large quantity of the product. Enterprises spokesperson Dr. █████████ told the ████ ████████████████ ████████, Warden of the facility.

Addendum: Following ██/████, a friend of the family of SCP-880's inventor, Mr. ███████████████, posted an application for a brand new car, falsely claiming that he had coined the product from SCP-████. Now that the inventor deceased and his product and method of production locked away in an obscure space anomaly, he was easy to track and was soon allowed to make an application for a new factory. The application was denied, and his current location is unknown.

The active ingredient of SCP-880 they currently contain is currently being researched by the Foundation, but has been known to cause incidents that generally should not be reported. In light of recent events, all Daydreamers Flesh products are to be withdrawn from circulation. As a result, SCP-880 will now only be applied once every ██/███, as a precaution. If the product were to be sold in other packages or on other distributed humanoids, the product would likely be confiscated from its current owner.

Note from Mr. █████████: I will update the factory and stock accordingly. I shall spread it as much as possible among the populace as incriminating products. Don't be afraid to gather rumors and gossip about this solution.

Missing at least two subjects from the Foundation as a result of cases like this are to be taken as anomalous in nature if possible.


1. Observing Agency for Insider Trading

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