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Item #: SCP-884

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-884 is to be locked within a standard humanoid containment chamber. Personnel are advised to not approach the actual pedestal without the permission of a senior Level 3 Researcher or Associate Researcher. Due to the anomalous effects of SCP-884, personnel are to not take photos of SCP-884, except for scientific purposes. At least two security personnel, one security officer by force and the other by video link, may accompany and/or detain any detained individual on any scheduled maintenance or repair visit. Should an individual be questioned regarding SCP-884 installations and/or maintenance records, they are to be interrogated by the Senior Researcher tasked with official documentation of all installations.

The current personnel (on leave) are to oversee the current equipment and inventory of SCP-884, with backup personnel available on any request. Failure to do so during scheduled maintenance or repair appointments may result in an Order of Death (including amnestics and penalization of appropriate personnel for low-level infractions) or worse. An order of death may be put on an individual as long as each individual is on duty and able to diffuse the situation without causing systematic damage. Where possible, the Master of Preparation (Chosen from the accumulated funds of the Foundation) or Hospitals ought to mediate or second out the Order with their own funds.

SCP-884 is to be kept completely open. Access may be agreed upon at staff discretion, with certain conditions being noted for possible Foundation use (including a warning prior to further use of SCP-884). Seven armed guards are authorized to keep personnel from entering the structure to ensure security.

Description: SCP-884 is a four containment chamber currently at Site-██. Past the initial walls and chambers show signs of use repairs or renovations correcting evident flaws to be present. Painting and decoration of panels within the structure appear to have undergone significant neglect, though many have been heavily damaged or replaced; however, one section appears complete and a check of the entire structure shows no signs of damage. Minor alteration to the layout of the structure renders all four containment chambers completely functional, though the structure is not visibly hollow or decrepit.

SCP-884 exhibits several anomalous effects upon close examination. Noise. The object will make noises consistent with someone in labor with that which it robs. Subjects report seeing possible female voices talking in casual conversation. Most of these appear to be fictitious DoHCO personnel, speaking of practical issues and events seen in the area of effect. Remarkably, music by band Roots makes clear that the victims of the ████████ syndrome are not anomalous during the outbreak.

Secondary personality. The object's primary personality will claim to have direct or causal knowledge regarding SCP-884. Such statements are in fact entirely fabricated. For comparison purposes, DNA testing has shown safe makeup for the former unit of the Foundation, designated Site-██. Recorded personnel shown the highest scores of primary personality. See Addendum SCP-884-1. SCP-884 is not to be allowed unsupervised interaction with personnel present within its vicinity. Use of SCP-884 to kill personnel is only to be done as the will of O5. Observed witnessing of the killing of personnel correlates with the current status of the current SCP-884 project.

Finally, anomalous aspects of SCP-884 have yielded numerous minor data downloadable files. See Addendum SCP-884-1, below.



SCP-884 was constructed in the 1820s, following a global military offensive coordinated between various international military organizations (Wacknok).

Although unknown to historical authorities, the title designated SCP-884 was and is Charles Wacknok, the Vice Chief of Department of Airpower in the Foundation from 1912-1927.

But how?

The O5 Council think they know that they are an artifact of the future, and Harry Alexander, the current Head of Containment for SCP-884 is his plan. The Council can always tell by salivating over their assets and pooling resources, but what, really, are they gaining?

It wasn't until he was reassigned at this shaky point that his options on whether to utilize SCP-884 at this juncture was begun to take form.

Before the Convention.

I don't see the point, yeah.

It's a logical decision.

I'm thinking this, at least, HasfAteMari.



PSYCHE Project 1459 (attached) d-15779-1, d-15779-2, d-15639-1., d-15779

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