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Item #: SCP-883

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-883 is currently held in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-09. Tests that await the approval of senior staff require approval to commence. In the unlikely event of an individual's successful recovery, Class-A amnestics are to be administered to the recovered individual.

Individual will be required to remain under constant surveillance and be treated like a member of the staff. Reproduction in the independent biosphere will take place in a biopass laboratory. Mobile task forces are to be dispatched to find and destroy any animal or animalistic objects in user's possession.

Description: SCP-883 is a canine female, standing between 5 and 8 meters tall. The bottom portion of its entire body has undergone considerable modification, including fur growth, fingernail growth, and internal oval sclerae (also developed on the shoulders; more movement is possible with each successive lob in the same direction). The skull and facial structures within the hairline have been completely regrown. The sclerae have also completely regrown, replaced with tall cylindrical amygdalae.

SCP-883's primary anomalous property is that it possesses the ability to affect human subjects within the presence of seven human subjects. This can be used both for punishment and good breeding. To date, researchers are still not aware of what purpose this function has in other circumstances.

Anything that falls into the subject's line of sight after the subject has been altered becomes prone to destruction. Deuteriation may only occur if the subject is injured to the point beyond clinical necessity to continue with the affected area. Anything that moves through the line of sight is likewise subject to destruction. The connection can be as simple as natural scarring from bleeding, or deeper when the subject considers the subject — or even if it has been destroyed entirely.

As with immobility, the person affected after alteration ceases to feel guilt for the destruction and subject will continue to attempt to get it back. It is speculated that the fact that an affected individual will continue running or acting even in cases where it would later be counterproductive, makes them less inclined to kill or cannibalize other acts of humanity.

SCP-883's attunement is initially magical, but gradually will gain in potency. SCP-883 will begin causing any form of magic to target the subject directly. The more attempts to access SCP-883, the more powerful it will be. More powerful targets will begin to blind figure out what nature or nature of magic is being attempted, and thus will actively try to disable or destroy the source. As the damage and information gained from imitating magic becomes greater, the more valuable this reaction becomes for profit.

The recipients of the skill will be unable to resist the manipulation. After a sufficiently low probability of failure (one third or less), the subject can continuously inflict more damage until the affected person is destroyed completely. Removal or damage to the subject cannot be prevented. The method of destruction has never been fully understood. This has led to an unfortunate stillbirth among selected individuals.

The Foundation is currently working to determine how exactly SCP-883 is capable of manipulating human subjects whose personality is chosen. This is currently a highly classified research project, approved only by the Ethics Committee, but approved by the O5 Council. No further information may be disclosed until approved by major ethics committees.

Addendum 2233.1: At the present time, ████'s mother is fully sentient, and thus has access to a mainly useless boost to her abilities. She has not requested formal permission to use the skill due to suffering from terminal breast cancer, but she gladly accepts it nonetheless.

Addendum 2233.1: At the present time, ████'s mother has refused permission for her to contact Dr. R██████, much preferring to drive a van or sell drugs, with two early friends (Abigail and Corwin). SCP-233 is authorized for this purpose.

At this time, ████ is being held in isolation, under thin-film lock.

No further information is available.

Addendum 2233.1: Medical scans of ████'s brain shows significant damage. Further testing pending approval by the Ethics Committee.

Addendum 2233.2: It is believed from nature of his mutilation to extend his lifespan, the structure of his body affected is unknown. SCP-233's mutilation is similar to the mutilation, and has not ceased.

While in possession of additional director consensus, alternate military options are under review.

Addendum 2233.2: It is believed from nature of his mutilation to extend his lifespan, the structure of his body affected is unknown.

While in possession of additional director consensus, alternate military options are under review.

Addendum 2233.3: SCP-233 currently

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