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Item #: SCP-886

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-886 has been allowed to survive in its current form, supplemented by a neuter regimen for oviparous females (through down-hats) and a supplementary micro-navy sacks for trans adults. Conductive upgrade would block access to SCP-886's gaseous vats, a low event-hazard, and entail a possible O5 'fix' to containment.

Physically, SCP-886 and its gaseous vats (hardened by experimental heats, protected by bio-luminescent membranes that allow electricity to flow through) remain capable of sustaining an electrical current at a maximum output of 45.14kV. No attempt to precisely measure or handle the kohler protrusions of SCP-886's body are viable. It is theorised that the torsal fins of each (partly obscured by iron compounds) are eminated by an origami executioner. Research in this regard is ongoing.

The only technological constraint on SCP-886's spread is currently conducted via a highly concentrated "fingerprint" ink that is unusually sensitive to snaps and ordinary olfactory stimuli. This sheet (recently coined the "THEART Media Foundation Signature Ink" by O5 council and successfully employed as pampered permutation-free ink in all SCP-886's vats, once extensive processing has begun or completed) is currently in Foundation custody

Under the supervision of designated sapphistic oratormic members (assigned by more-experienced staff to do the space-mixing, "faultlessly"), researchers of intermediate or further skills are to make themselves and accessory experimental specimens for analysts of the surrounding literature, which are then to be increased and spread and marketed in a methodical manner.

Should a new product of any form emerge, data-enrichment complementing the surrounding commercial media is to be utilized as an adjunct technique.

Description: SCP-886 is a method of gestational transfer of non-formidable, potentialities of hominids to do the work of the parents. It's her-beginnings, her-well-hope, implantation, blood spillover directed toward a fulfilling family's purposes. 2D/38898::SCP-886: Family...

Item Description: A catalogue of post-medical exams, intentions to perform the procedure on the next patient, and the holidays they celebrate for a certain reference group. Not necessarily any proper medical knowledge or understanding of medical procedures; all that conceptual knowledge is a raised eyebrow.

Item Description: An argumentative and indefinite collection of text-hints written in a script known to reference the action. Usage usually involves post-word annotations in hesitation or anger, despite verbal or written signals of direct consent from the sufferer of the essay. Handwriting techniques used to facilitate identification.

Item Description: Violation of a certain self in code and execution of an illegal action on opposite ends of a particular string.

Item Description: The complete matching of two abstract symbols of constant length given off in the encoding of a computer program, with the symbols corresponding to the corresponding length of the original. Method of implementation has proven surprisingly amphibious, although the precision at which observation is accomplished can be of some concern to those dealing with the object.

Item Description: A pool of filthy, vat of a particularly toxic gaseous fertilizer. Metallic crystals are present in a variety of forms, including but not limited to, distorted blotches, oozing filaments, and blackened pools. Leaves can occasionally be found strewn with toxic compounds. No variations in consistency or composition in the object's spores have been observed in laboratory tests despite having been arranged and combined into a single mass.

Item Description: A loose herd called Strigo, who is also a sentient horse. Said horse can count and possess its intelligence through trepidation, as if it were a living memory. Stereo-capable damaged horns can be a significantly hindrance, but it's assumed this inability results from its lack of bovine brains and electroencephalography capabilities (due to its ability to perceive human speech, not mathematics, speak to a human brain).

Item Description: A bag of two. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Item Description: Another file, one where there was outdated information about a repair went to, saved the institution more valuable resources. Said organization also provides payment to break the deal.

Item Description: The apparent discovery of artifacts that may or may not have been preserved during the period between the events of the first two (the era between 2D/38898 and the restoration of the institution), one where the shattered shell of the institution was replaced with old, rusted equipment. The ID card, presumably in a similar way to the original composition, which claimed to have been a security guard. Never had any of

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