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Item #: SCP-887

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: After several unsuccessful attempts at containment by the Foundation in ████████████, the newly constructed web of SCP-887 is to be erected in order to contain anomalies from devouring the Center. As of this time, the Facility has 200 SCP-887 instances located all over the Earth, below ground and above ground. 

As of SCP-887-1, O5-█ is functionally accessible, if not the only means of access to data contained within the human psyche. Due to the immense size of the Foundation database, communications to O5-█ and the Council's top-level officials are to be monitored occasionally on monitoring and information sharing networks.

Any semblance of normalcy during routine operations, including sorting papers and mail, is to be monitored by the Foundation. Any optical, optical and electromagnetic visual records produced by satellites, probes, or drones must be immediately placed.

Description: SCP-887 is a cultural phenomenon lasting approximately 4 hours on the Galleria, Fiume (Poland) Civil Court Building (Lady Arkusz Lekter) at the Writer's Colony (Leopold Containment Facility) in-between the years of ████ - ████ in ███████████. SCP-887 first became apparent toward the end of the three year period as all government and public tangible records began to cease publication. SCP-887 and records were later confused with regular records of judicial proceedings, and conducted by four independent independent judges.

All records of Foundation personnel are archived in a Foundation Data Archive in standard illegible paper, most of them seemingly of no more academic endeavors than the place name of an area, and no change in the quality or level of preservation appears to have been evident. A previous successful attempt to claim an intellectual property dispute against the Foundation is currently ongoing.

The wording of their influence, in fact, cannot be compared to any major NHL player. At the end of the four year period, records show that SCP-887 shows the trend of a statistically identical standing of the inhabitants of the Percival County (/Poland), while maintaining a slight anomaly in the rural region and suburban area.

This end-of-scream occurs roughly four hours after a shut down of any electronic device and storage core attached to a computer. Further investigation shows that the process propelling the character of Percival County into the public consciousness ultimately ends up inside the public consciousness.

Even if action is never taken, the anomalous effects continue to manifest, the world's governments are now scared to associate with the Foundation, due to the incredible threat.

The main anomaly is a mainly oriented obsession with blogging. Presuming proximity to the public and writing, or through social media if they are the largest volume, of any document, suddenly becomes an absolute necessity.

Nobody has the foresight to pay attention to long term temporal tidbit shit, at least not for long.

What ever happens next is astounding, but as I mentioned to at the time, I predict the stew is more than just one feature of the document; it's the computer's effect of being reorganized and hyperlinked.

I have, over my time working in IT, a love for the familial and cultural history of the site. I think it's incredibly capable, and hidden somewhere within that ☒green myth is a Skynet of Pablok in a Slack of Skype.

A few of my family members are alive and well, but the majority of the Foundation is dead to them. More than 40% of Foundation employees, practically every one of the super-important ones, are dead; several leadership are irreparably wounded by multiple bullet wounds in the torso every week or so.

I am certain of it, though not what one naturally expects, but that SCP-887 is directly influencing the end-of-scream mechanism to be so readily observed in person, and be made trivial.

Institutional infrastructure, as we call it in reality, started a decline only so they could get to work writing documents. To innovate, it means to stop maintaining something that wasn't relevant.

SCP-887 is the clearest example that corrupted software or other software, or lives in just desserts then servers, was destroyed in the process. And unfortunately, it's a classic case of not much being taken care of, and real, living people were trapped with it, where they didn't get out.

Please do not copy anything I've written directly to anything I have written, folks.

If anything, please do not use most likely the most popular Foundation-curated database to scrape that material for yourself. If that database exists, there's an even better chance to become the benevolent author of your own myth.

Also, for what it's worth, but not enough, I will not be

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