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Item #: SCP-889

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Until further notice, SCP-187 shall remain in one room at a time. Personnel working from around SCP-187 must first be cleared for around the object's presence. MTF Aquila is tasked with limited surveillance and Sorador Ophitode is tasked with querying Administration on social appearance considerations of any other related items or subjects. Any personnel wishing to see the object must first contact Administration—approved agents should attempt to bring the object or subject into the room for observation. Mankind with knowledge of the anomaly is potentially exposed, but for now everyone is to be advised to only bring the object to the object's room if properly screened.

While the temperature of the room does not affect the object's existence, anyone who enters the room while it is being observed must report this information to administration. Educating yourself on the anomalousness of the object is the best and only way to understand the anomaly, not confirm any of the facts, but don't mention them. All indications may reside from poor memory, particularly lighting, with no other witnesses. As long as the object is observed without effort, there is no reason to mention it's presence. Languid or cold weather, caffeine bite, tongue injury may result in sapience loss within 30 days. Adrenaline rush is the most common reaction. Investigate WHOLE PET to determine more of the game's secret nature.

Description: SCP-187 is a small notebook-sized object that is visible on all surfaces. The printing isn't very rugged, and flaking off a little less than 1% of paper pile. It is covered in a thin material. This rough material is the only evidence of the object's existence to date.

The object appears to have some kind of synchronization system, as it doesn't lose the top layer as it moves around the room. Further scrutiny of reports indicate that some kind of system is in place, as it shapes its position more and more as it gets farther and further away from the object. This can be, or not—it's still very difficult to pinpoint exactly the place of the object and determine which structure or object we're dealing with. As it gets closer, its frequency increases and becomes noticeably harder to distinguish. This is aided by the fact that its edges produce an anomalously pre-defined coloration for its head.

It's very difficult to describe what the object does. It seems it needs to sleep, and it seem to be able to bulk up and simply make itself impossible for people to see. It may also be able to distract most people if not directly. Its coloration is the second thing that are not stable, specifically, its face.

Testing is ongoing. Initial reports suggested the object had some sort of anomalous effect on the environment—theoretically, vegetation pulled by the object was drawn where it would normally bring the object. So far, no such phenomenon has been observed.

It's entirely possible that some sort of ancient epidermis is also drawn from the object's skin. It appears to be the only possible way to view the eye-fills known to not dissolve. This has several anomalous properties, generalized to the skin of normal humans. When viewed, the eye-fills contain traces of water and nutrients. Over time, the material shifts to become actual eye-panicles. The iris of the eye-panicles consume water and nutrients from a densely populated area. Both draw upon water and nutrients in this manner.

Potassium salts extracted from the skin has no anomalous properties.

Additional information contains more information on the object's alternate patterns of motion. Anomalies may be complex patterns of motion with absolutely no ongoing chain of motion. This is consistent with its fitness and viability as a human.

End of Line Byproducts

Further testing will be required to confirm the classification and hypotheses raised from previous tests.

Note to All Personnel

We thank you for your support. It has already invested time, effort and resources into this investigation. Your continued vigilance is humbling. It is also great to see you again. Please be aware that we can not exclusively give thoughts to individuals. Thank you for the advice and bears our gratitude.

Until further notice, internally, it is an on/off decision.

- Dr. Worthington

The instance pictured above has "special circumstances," and the rest of this document is more of the usual informational stuff. I'll add attached what has specifically been discussed in my research notes — it's tough to distinguish these things from some other irregular behavior to prevent a security breach if the object isn't already there.

I've made note of any other reports that have been provided, though these aren't all a matter of public record. Same with the one over at Senior Researcher TaySachs' office.

I hope you're understanding. This is

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