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Item #: SCP-890

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-890 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-29, an airtight 100 x100m space at least 2m by 1m, where not only is one person inside, but is capable of opening and fully accessing the containment locker. A sound barrier is to be used to prevent accidental exposure of the contents of the containment locker. SCP-890's permissions to communicate with guards are to be strictly limited to those required for unobserved security personnel.

All containers of SCP-890 are to be opened by the archivist at least once each night for the past two days. Containers of SCP-890-A are to be inspected for anomalous properties, and are to be damaged or replaced if necessary. In the event of a containment breach, civilians are to be replaced with substitutes (as per the Foundation's policy). The individual who made the container of SCP-890 is to be recovered, and all paper and photographic documentation of the event is to be destroyed.

The archivist at Site-29 is to hold the following audio recordings of the incident for all Foundation personnel to record. Excerpts of these recordings are to be uploaded to the database near the archivist.

-AudioLog ofAlien

SCP-890: Hello strangers. My name is Franz, and I live in the Bronx. I approve of everything they did here.

D-07215: Franz, you are a nightmare. I thought you were going to solve my problems.

SCP-890: It's not your fault, give or take. You demand and demand for change, not for your favorite and worship.

SCP-890: You don't understand. This is a liberty for change that's the point. You see solutions that violate your principles. You are not going to change anything, but you can make things right by change.

D-07215: Then what do you want, to make things right? What if your ideals are not the same? What if an idea is irreparably broken? Do you understand a concept as perfectly objectively as water?

SCP-890: And how can you sniveling term here?

D-07215: You can't. Leftists aren't going to think you're the only idiot here. You'll always be in a minority.

SCP-890: You wouldn't get stuck in here for the centuries.

SCP-890: Oh, you wouldn't, fear not. This world is very small indeed. Where are we all?

SCP-890: I think I know what we are: too crowded for space and not enough suited for other things. A color needs some time to collect itself. This world is enough to make itself unhappy, but not enough.

SCP-890: You never really recognize the world.

SCP-890: Not to me. Do you realize that men and women don't adapt in the same way as elves and dwarves? As they subvert and change? Think members of the opposite sex clashing with each other, continually? Yes, that's something my wife hopes to hear.

SCP-890: All world views come with a price. Do you ever sacrifice the guilt of the past for the sake of the present? Do you think it's right to stab someone because of what you were able to do in front of your daughter?

SCP-890: I can't. I'll think it was horrible if I'm wrong, but I don't do it anymore. "You did great, you did great."

SCP-890: A child should rely on itself. Maybe my affection for the future is merely a craving thing.

SCP-890: In hell does the devil loose. He wants some old man’s blood to wear the mantle.

SCP-890: Perhaps.

SCP-890: He always does.

SCP-890: I'm shocked you remembered me, I hope you're still alive.

SCP-890: Sometimes, you don't remember me.

SCP-890: You've shown me many things. I've told you enough.

SCP-890: Put it all into the past and cannot look that future.

SCP-890: Good. Then forgive and forget me.

SCP-890: Do not lefties ever let us talk. They were too reasonable to meet one letter with another.

SCP-890: The chaos of the city makes us human. Change us. Submit.

SCP-890: Yes.

SCP-890: We're just towers. They're the appearances of the outside world.

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