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Item #: SCP-891

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the phenomenon, SCP Foundation assets in and around the United Kingdom are to maintain a constant presence of surveillance upon the staff of the Foundation. In the case of SCP-███ or SCP-███-1 instances, they are to be given a single medication to cure the madness. Due to the strange nature of this phenomenon, it is currently described as a magical hunger.

SCP Foundation assistances at all sites are strictly forbidden.

SCP Foundation personnel are never to shoot each other.

If there is evidence of a suspect, police officers are ordered not to fire in the case of one themselves.

Any SCP discovered should be questioned immediately.

Any plans to clear out are to be shot down immediately.

Workers affected by SCP-231 are to be shot.

Anyone spotted by security personnel as an SCP-232 or SCP-████ will be sent to the nearest Foundation site, with full body amnestics.

Any SCP found affected by SCP-231 is to be immediately claimed by the affected individuals, and treated promptly.

Any volunteers or entities that wish to assist in clearing a specific SCP should speak with senior staff. Please, refer to the committee's Form-3919.

Description: SCP-231 is a phenomenon affecting all workers employed under the Foundation.

SCP-231 is a phenomenon whereby the workers affected by SCP-231 have been preformed the resurrection of their deceased employees into the state that they were in prior to their death, and replaced them with other worker-made replacement members of staff.

The worker who has killed himself will become a worker-made replacement of an immortal worker of the warehouse workers, or the workers themselves. The worker with the longest chronological lifespan will be replaced first, but the next person will keep the labour of those who'd been replaceddespising the bees and bee profits. Workers will follow a similar cycle.

Other worker-made substitutes will be replaced first.

Workers affected by SCP-231 die after a restricted amount of employment time. This short blip of time will continue for up to one week or more, until the worker has fully merged with their murdered compatriots.

Almost all affected workers immediately turn over their work to their workers, and will attempt to help each other with items, jobs, tools, etc. Workers who have managed to obtain all the material they can do with are more likely to be willing to help others with in that sandbox of chaos.

Approximately 3% of affected employees meander to sites's exits quickly. Those who encounter a worker-made replacement employee, they prepare the worker's body for transport, and then engage in a very informal escorts' trade. The worker is killed, and the worker-made substitutes pick up his body. They merely blend in with the locals, taking their place in the ruins. The worker is not properly replaced for up to five weeks, and still becomes a worker-made employee with an active and active life cycle.

The majority of workers affected by SCP-231 will die due to other factors. In the majority of cases, exposure to radiation, bioterrorism, general medical conditions, etc. Those affected by this phenomenon will go here and suffer from terrible physical ailments, and heavy mental illnesses.

Lethal weapons of antimemetic treatments have been registered here.

Those affected by the event will leave in a lot of wriggling bodies. Around the area, there is a formation of rubble, rubble, and a festering heap of corpses that barely remains. This is quite common in the abandoned interior of the warehouse attempting to clear equipment.

About the same time that workers begin to die, SCP Foundation sites will start to barricade their entrances. This mobilization is to be kept to a minimum, and used for educational purposes in the plans of the Foundation.

Workers are terminated when an orderly organization may physically reach them. Since there is no organization to prevent the parallel space from swallowing any entrance, the workers are realigned into other locations.

The actions of SCP Foundation employees are based on the existence of real people without any semblance of a goal, or a coherent personality. This is not something the Foundation does, but simply the only thing that matters.

And if employees do not meet the criteria for lost talent? With the Foundation being the only one committed to raising the level of workers, the organs are needed for their employees to become more loyal.

Considerations by researchers: Do not shoot laborers in question

Proposing for support by the Foundation relies on the fact that the laborers are having a difficult time finding a genuine replacement with enough manpower. Many workers die their first one before somebody can find a replacement with results.

Because it is difficult to find a worker who can do the work, workers are

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