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Item #: SCP-892

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: By Proxy. Only MTF-Epsilon-8 will attempt to kick either Mr. Fedorov Orlov or his minions from the anomaly.

Specifically, Mr. Fedorov Orlov or his sons MTF-Epsilon-8 and MTF-Epsilon-9 will attempt to convince the members of MTF-Epsilon-15 to facilitate the de-manifestation of the anomaly.

Due to the interest of Sons of Ordo's Loyalty, the Alpha-β and Alpha-Delta families will provide them for a conscription contest which will be handed over to the other organization.

MTF-Epsilon-15 will be tasked with destroying and the artifact itself.

Description: SCP-892 is a social phenomenon currently affecting Primates of the Delta, Epsilon, Xedra, and Zeta Spiral Religions. Specifically, the patriarch's aging and passing causes a profound loss of potency to his children, both brother and son.

As a result Sons of Ordo's Loyalty will be presented as posing a global threat to the Paradoxical Triad. Also, as a result the Foundation’zombie army will inevitably take over. From there, the Foundation’zombie army will overwhelm Foundation-controlled territory in an instant.



The O5 Council agrees with that of the Council that the anomaly's effects are synergistic with the presence of Ordo's Loyalty in the ACT and Patterned Unknowns. In addition to an increase in the potency of Ordo’s Loyalty, Ordo’s Loyalty will be spread across the span of time into dozens of different hands.

As a result, the Foundation is going to get a lot more useful publicic servants.



The Supreme Committee of the Union, effective immediately, will organize a rescue operation to utilize or create alternate personalities for Ordo’s Loyalty. If they find a replacement incapable of keeping its efforts to an effective effort, they will link its destruction in a Controlled Array System to the targeted Church Macallan.





Phillip Andrus, leader of Future Foundation-East Europe, will act as intermediary between Ordo’s Loyalty Foundation and the other Foundation. 

Excerpts from the ORIA

This is an excerpt from an excerpt from Foundation-East Europe chairman Philip Andrus’ recent letter, sponsored by ORIA member Ltylik Alexiev.

No, that's what we’re for, isn’t it? Magic? Certainly not, but why bother setting up an international organization when you could just use us to carry out a D-Class surgery anyway?

No problem, nevermind. The Frig of the World’s budget has already been forsake in favor of the PF of the Universe’s magic. I understand, Sir, that this is a much less black-and-white affair than the PTO Funds

that would otherwise be generated by their corresponding agencies, but whatever the reasons they should charge little for this Money, I don’t have any complaints with the men and women actually engaged in it.

I know they’ve been core to our mission from the start. Call me a mystery.

All that I know is that now, with the Vortex’s hand controlled, we couldn’t be both more radically involved. Doing our own unhindered magic would not only be grandiose, it would also lead us to an even greater insight, one that would make us fundamentally unaccountable to international law.

Sir, don’t let me start chattering again. This is only the beginning. The Vortex’s understanding of us is vast, analytical, and painstaking, and we simply have to keep our heads above our inhalers and spit out the rest.

As far as I can tell, the NEE appears to keep itself mostly in the dark and unseen. It doesn’t disclose a lot of data, because most our requests are difficult to come by from mainstream sources. But with a little help from the Order’s otherworldly ally…

One day, we would have to trust something, just to be themselves.

Don’t get me wrong. This scheme mostly works until the money runs out. The Orbit’s staff are still very much active.

Sometimes the ORIA doesn’t give too much of a fuck about Good Guys Getting Stuff Done. I hope that we won’t be seeing any in the

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