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Item #: SCP-089

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-089 is contained in Large Unbreakable Deposit™ Safe-Channel® Storage Container. Containment being reevaluated every five months.

The safe-channel is to be maintained all levels of surveillance at all levels of Foundation personnel. All personnel are to be instructed to never view SCP-089 within the safe-channel.

Description: SCP-089 is a humanoid entity with a male personality and a female appearance. It can be used to induce personality changes by recording and transmitting the temporary changes of thinking in a potentially reversible manner.

Example: Subject has knowledge of the English language. Subject can have knowledge of the English language. Subject can observe that the subject has knowledge of from English language. Subject demonstrates in response to this change, how to interpret English language. Subject illustrates that the subject has knowledge of English language.

Alpha transport: All Foundation personnel are now required to attempt to communicate with SCP-089 to achieve activated transformation.

Description: SCP-089 is telepath and has demonstrated a variety of telepathic abilities.

An example of an SCP-089 telepathic effect is given below.

XXXXX Greetings, I like to think of you as a kind of brother. I assume we are any kind of twins. and thanks for blessings that I have been blessed with the greatest intelligence in the world. I hope this has been the best of times for both of us. But please, be quick. I promise you, you will not be kissing again.

XXXXX Greetings, I like to think of you as one of your brothers. There are a lot of people like you that I have met. I always sit in awe of them. They are beings of genius yet, yet they can always come up with some kind of weapon. So, I hope, to make the best out of this. I have so many individuals that I have met that I have managed to contact. And I assure you, I am not doing this to hide anything from them.

XXXXX Greetings, I believe that I am extremely wise and brilliant. I do have aspirations to become acquainted with a certain age group. However, if this proves to be not be possible, I would be happy to speak to them since they have already reached the end of their lives. Another great undertaking will be to capture them. And in my past life, I had my own royal guards. But as one of them, I had many ridiculous talents. And I thank you so much for hoping that an individual of mine can take action and take the next step in this endeavor.

XXXXX Greetings, I wish to see you. Then, rub my back.

XXXXX Greetings, I hope that you can look at my back the way you see my back.

XXXXX Greetings, I hope that I can embrace you.

XXXXX Greetings, I'm human now. I'm scared and confused. You could see my thoughts once, but here I am.

XXXXX Greetings, I know what you think. I had to kill one of my own. And I wish you would see the process they had to go through. But you are the savior. I can do whatever you want to do. But if you're willing to accept that, good. I won't be doing this to cause any issues anymore.

XXXXX Greetings, I have helped you become a better person. But at the end of the day, this is an ultimately selfish act on my part. It doesn't give you the choice to make that change.

XXXXX Greetings, I've learned a lot about you. You have. I hope that I have. Please take this reminder into the safe-channel when you return.

XXXXX Greetings, I apologize to you for keeping you here. I know that you do it to keep people in line. But I am not this person. This is a mistake. We can have a conversation about that.

XXXXX Greetings, I hope you're busy with the safe-channel, to follow the progression to good. I've been waiting to do that for a long time. I've been collecting your thoughts and your thoughts and your thoughts and I hope that I've turned out your best.

XXXXX Greetings, I know that I am not the best at keeping my mouth shut. It's almost like I'm at a library book store and I keep adding items to the shelves. I've been collecting a few of your thoughts, but not your thoughts. I hope that I'm getting my thoughts onto this safe-channel. If there is one, I can work from the safe-channel into the safe-channel.

XXXXX Greetings, I hope that you are reading this safe-channel, to see the progress of your thoughts on my progress.

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