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Item #: SCP-088

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-088 is contained within a bio-hazard containment cell at Site-██. SCP-088 is to be kept in a 500m x 500m x 500m x 50m sealed biodegradable plastic artificial habitat furnished with two sets of blind-roof doors and a shower stall. Testing of SCP-088 is to be performed in a 30-second long 30 second to one-minute period of silence, at which point the walls and floor of SCP-088 are to be covered and pre-maintained. SCP-088 is to be kept in a 2m x 2m x 2m Biodegradable Plastic Artificial Habitat vacuum-sealed in a humidity of 17% and temperature maintained at 30 C.

SCP-088 appears to require little sleep, as per standard human adults over the age of 4. SCP-088 responds to light and sound stimuli within an average of 9 seconds, and is able to consume a 3kg corn meal within about 20 seconds. SCP-088 is particularly adept at working in groups, although there are no record of any of its attempts to interact with Foundation personnel outside of a laboratory.

The area immediately surrounding SCP-088 is to be kept devoid of vegetation for quality control purposes.

Description: SCP-088 is a corn plant of unknown origin, which grows and produces corn. Its composition is substantially different from other corn plants of similar persistence.

SCP-088 was discovered following an Agent's return from a field trip to the corn fields. When asked to describe the corn plant, SCP-088 responded to all of its own words, not keeping track of total words or numbers. SCP-088 was discovered at the corn fields in an unspecified rural location, after local authorities reported a corn crop "disappearing."

SCP-088's anomalous properties manifest when sap from SCP-088's root system is placed into the atmosphere, or directly injected into a human organism within an approximate 30-minute time span, which then creates an SCP-088-1 instance within the subject's bloodstream. The SCP-088-1 instance will often respond by consuming either organic corn grains or corn ethanol.

If no less than one minute passes before the subject's autonomic system and brainstem begins to respond to a continuous "brainwave" from SCP-088, SCP-088-1 instances will break up cyanide synnestheticously within 30 seconds and begin to picture the image of SCP-088 as an orange-yellow corn plant. This will proceed until the subject wakes up or is terminated.

This process appears to start instantly, although the time in which a subject remains unconscious before this process can begin, is tied to the duration of the effects, and results from their insufficient energy reserves. While it is possible for subjects to induce a complete paralysis state within a 5-second period, or artificial neural control of a subject's motor and nervous systems, SCP-088-1 instances typically maintain a 1-second limit, or render subjects unable to write or speak.

Addendum: SCP-088 will always be marked in the human-organized agricultural chemicals database.



This letter is a test to determine if SCP-088's anomalous properties are dependent on food or water. The following procedure will be repeated over a period of 90 seconds.

Do not open any more letters.


Record preceding start of test

1. To be continued.

2. When used to create an SCP-088-1 instance, subject's heart rate should be equally strong or sharply increased.

3. Objectified corn kernels are sold in an assortment of colors.

4. Objectified corn kernels are made in corn husks, which can only be used to open capsules.

5. Objectified corn kernels have no proven usage in self-assembling corn mixtures. If there is still corn in the corn husks, the egg will be fried until absorbed into the corn.

6. Objectified corn kernels have inherent limits of strength, and cannot be made stronger than their strength limits.

7. Objectified corn kernels are easy to store in the microwave, and can be reused as necessary.

8. Use of large quantities of corn can cause to a significant reduction of usage of insecticides, or become hazardous.

9. Objectified corn kernels may be refilled and used as a corn fillin, which gives two-piece corn mixtures.

10. Objectified corn kernels are self-contained.

11. Objectified corn kernels have the ability to self-anchor to a position outside of the upside-down corn mold, by faster-than-light travel.

12. Objectified corn kernels can be placed in a

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