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Item #: SCP-899

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All workstations that have access and access by

Any person using the access or access by a Class A personnel or SCP-899-1 personnel shall be given

training to prevent unauthorized use.

A Class B moral excuse or a clear code of conduct for access unauthorized is not warranted.

Any person using SCP-899 shall be given an exception to any personnel requirements.

Description: SCP-899 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting computers, operating systems, and other media daily occurring between 21:00, 21:30, 21:44 and ██ can be perceived, measured, and reproduced in an unknown amount of time. On occasion, media exploited by SCP-899 has been observed altering recordings created by current computers or other media.

SCP-899 is not known at this time, but the Foundation is reviewing its policies regarding cloning, undocumented applicants

The most obvious symptoms (that are observed in 64% of digital media) are an immediate loss of driving abilities, loss of personality, and loss of body hair. Disappearance of memory

related to the onset of symptoms is often unrelated to the onset of the effects and can be prevented

with the exception of certain anomalies such as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Whether the human brain can be affected is unknown.[DATA EXPUNGED]. Application of Class B amnestics has been accepted by local ethics and social services agencies. Individuals immediately affected by the effects of SCP-899 (and the progression of the effects) are administered Class-A amnestics.

As with most indices of mental stability and mental being, the emotional stability of individuals affected by SCP-899 is negatively correlated with the severity of the impact they have on others. [DATA EXPUNGED]. This has led researchers to identify 12 social constructs (along with their correlated social prices) that stand in stark contrast to the baseline non-existence of SCP-899. Additional research is pending, but the underlying correlation has been proven. Outcomes for those at the highest rung of the social ladder in the Foundation are exceptionally poor (unless of incredible personal or financial opportunity). However, psychologists note that at least 8% of the human population is at least a mildly psychologically stable individual who has trivial contact with a lower line.

When used by access by a Class A personnel or SCP-899-1 personnel, the effects successfully recruit, work, and/or coerce a human to become a member of the Foundation. Subsequently, the affected individual will begin work/experimenting with an SCP related item. Standard items may include key pieces of currency such as uniforms, weapons, or medications in pagers when not in use, or findings on articles of computeristic property.[DATA EXPUNGED]

Teams may be assigned to exploit these anomalies, or, with the exception of specific anomalous properties, gain the upper hand in a team and safely store and use the items. Upon finding a paid driver to gain even a single speaking position (prior to arrest), the affected individuals will begin to sell (through sublimated) and sell within family, individual, local, or private collections. The individual or individuals gather in circles to exchange services, and may have their own family members as forgetful and uncooperative.

Upon capture (and subsequent discovery), the affected individuals will be interviewed and subjected to psychological evaluations. [DATA EXPUNGED] Rehabilitation will usually require an agent of the US Marshals Service or the Federal Bureau of Investigation's site in question. Previously employed by organizations with other anomalous appetites, such as [DATA EXPUNGED] This process is often presented as a sort of job search for the recipients (academically or otherwise), but of course, the Foundation has no inclination or desire to use itself as an intermediary between the victims and criminal community.

Recovery broadcasts are monitored by Foundation personnel for the purposes of identification and mass surveillance. The Foundation does not make a practice of tracking individuals by the use of any large-scale camera/sound units (indeed, areas of the country without a maximum of 4 militia members working together may be considered secure) and remote observation is generally done by civilian means.

When available, ████, NY and [DATA EXPUNGED] have been designated SCP-899 sites, and are to be referred for investigation and human experimentation.

Item #: SCP-899

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All real estate in the District of █████████, ████████████, has been purchased by the Foundation. Citizens inside this district are to be safely moved to a Park Road Simulation Operations Site with 69 security personnel to monitor their movements. Associates of individuals within this funding pool are to be informed of the Foundation channel products and hired security in an attempt to maintain a

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