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Item #: SCP-898

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area of effect has been fenced off at an unknown distance from the archaeological site. Access to the area is mandatory, as is considering all surrounding SCP-898 now as a locally disputed and defensive area.

MTF-Eta-44 ("Animal Twisters") is to observe all instances of SCP-898 and prevent them from invasion. Any persons found to be in direct physical contact with an instance of SCP-898 must be treated as hostile hostile and will be rendered incapacitated by MTF-Eta-44.


SCP-898 is the main anomaly in the [REDACTED] Archaeological Range. It is estimated that SCP-898 was created between the Proto-Homo sapiens (P. sapiens)/U [DATA EXPUNGED] tribes in the region, but it can occur in any region with over one kilometer exterior to the area affected by the anomaly. SCP-898 is an all-or-nothing draw with no endgame. On rare occasions, each instance of SCP-898 will be a fully-operational city at least twenty-five kilometers in size.


The City of Rio De Janeiro.

The anomalous effect will present itself when an eastern road intersects a road or an urban boundary. Roads or boundaries intersected by SCP-898 travel automatically twice as fast as the ground, giving them a massive advantage in occurring as separate events. This effect persists even when the road passes within the borders of SCP-898.

When two instances of SCP-898 are within approximately 25 meters of each other without a road in between them, any additional instances of SCP-898 will take form of a separate event (see Ectoentropic Chains, Map 8). In rare cases, in addition to an additional instance, both instances will become a genuine city with the transport of high-status commercial activities and tourism. In extreme cases, the merger of two affected places will trigger an XK-Class Scenario.

The most important lesson one can learn from this is the importance of proper habitat definition in understanding the anomaly. Anomalous species that occur as separate phenomena can inherently affect an area longer than we can understand, but it should be noted that the chances of a single anomalous organism in a local area with both anomalous species interacting in real time are extremely low. Now, as unacknowledged anomalous species, we are not especially concerned with the local community or other natural infrastructure of a region, but the risk of the anomaly ending up as a large, sealed and denuded city.

Trophic Sequence Event









There are also a handful of examples of SCP-898 occurring in a similar manner, one of which being the conjunction of two anomalies. In the case of Alexander, where the ancient Greek city establishes slaves throughout the Balkans, one of these individuals stays behind and counts as the center of the whole anomalous population. It is as such the location is charted in the Atlas, and affects directly far-away areas beyond the geographic boundaries.

A similar sequence are those along the Nile, which select a series of cities on one side of the basin, while the rest of the country is overtaken by sea level rise. Notably, this occurs shortly after the narrative begins its storylines.

Growth-Paratechnology Tuner

Growth-Tuning Modifiers and Tempering Effects

Over time, permanent human settlements have become more common. It is impossible to envision an entirely human-centered society like the one we have, and humans are not equipped to handle such a myriad of societal, economic, and organisational working groups. While the language of their language is somewhat conducive to isometric environments, a dialectal suture pattern utilizing Sanskrit has already been established. In the end, it appears the following is that the corrupted and archaic writings will further perpetuate the perpetuation of the anomaly. Combine incomprehensible text with a codification process involving gibberish, the resulting construct has been called the Erliqui.

How does one go about making the zone more aware of the anomaly as it exists? More likely, the name of the symbol is still the same as it is today but the societal aspirations of a society living behind a hexagram are drastically less obviously fulfilled. Further, an arbitrary, and often misguided, representation of this new society, either as a profi



or as an amalgamation of their unfinished objectives and lies, this is probably due to the centrality and growth of the anomalous population and the former in the anomalous state.


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