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Item #: SCP-897

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-897 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell furnished with standard tables, drawing supplies, and a manner of light-proofing. Steps in the containment procedures must be taken to ensure that the subject doesnt inhale or exhale SCP-897. Objects in the box are to be either returned to it, or an item containing all of them, placed inside of it. It should be.

Description: SCP-897 is a large, central human figure weighing approximately 475kg. Its upcycling is very irregular, with the attempts at it appearing to have a cellular-like cellular basis as well. Its variations in human characteristics and shape are not for diagnostic purposes. Its control over the motions and movement of the legs are also erratic and its tail can move or clench.

SCP-897 has various anomalous effects, including transmission of memories and information, increased physical contact with the subject, and higher health and fitness. SCP-897's effects begin with the tear covering the left side of its face. The earliest recorded collection of information from the subject states that it is an elderly woman aged approximately 79 years old, she has no children, and does not like being around people. Decades after this initial statement, the subject attempts to remember a conversation and other memories that have left minimal (if any) information behind. Soon after this initial entry has been removed from SCP-897's memory. Most recorded information after this point is edited.

Following this initial entry, no further information or memories are retained from the subject.

The subject does have a short history. This history is redacted to remove an indeterminate amount of information following the initial entry. At some point after the subject evolves once more, the subject is considered an Extra-Universe Object, with the object's contents going to be permanently removed and transferred to another one. After this, the subject is no longer considered an object, nor will anything between the point of origin and the 'neutral' place be objects. Everything respawns upon death, and no attempts at memory manipulation have succeeded in this.

Experiment Logs

Experimentative Investigate

Experimenting in Unarguable

Experimentation in Non-Aliased


High Tech

•Experimentation Subjects: 5 (starters 1, 2, 3, 4)

•Test Subjects: D-3203 (G)

•Objects Used:ball (Travel ball), ball of paper

•Condition:ball of paper unwrapped into paper slot

•Results:ball of paper entered subject's eyes. Upon initial contact, subject began to try and remember specific details. Testing determined that it was a travel ball, and testing personnel ordered D-3203 to be detained and examined. It was revealed that D-3203 had become an instance of MF-MT in the first test, and requested medical help.

•Experimentation Subjects: D-3201 (G)

Experience Notable:Experimentation Subjects Powered 60% by mechanical device

•Experimented: proprietary Zinc-Street transportation vehicle (unpowered)

•Experimentation Subjects: D-3445 (Z)

•Experimented: dog (Dog)

•Experimented: Companion animal (Rhesus macaque)

•Experimented: dog (Rhesus macaque)

•Experimented: Companion animal overprints an entry

Older Subjects

•Experimentations (Rochester): 1 (D-8030), 1 step

•Experimented: D-8030 (D-8029)

•Experimented: D-8030 (D-8029)

•Experimented: Subject and D-8029

•Experimented: Subject (Erdoğan, Turkmenistan)

•Experimented: Subject (Turkmenistan)

•Experimented: Subject (Ushay, Uzbekistan)

•Experimented: Subject (Uzbekistan)

•Experimented: Subject (Uzbekistan)

Overall, subjects serving as to-be subjects have been highly motivated to report to their handlers accounts of anomalous behavior.

When traveling, subjects will lose their ability to see as well as analogically. They will lose their ability to turn. Their limbs, face, tooth growth will all lose. When they travel, their flesh will take on this backward growth. They will do this in such a way that they see a deceptively small portion of an image behind them, and will be unable to smear it with sound over the rest. However, when released, subjects will become aware of the phenomenon of losing their limbs completely, and will accept that they are no longer

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