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Item #: SCP-896

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of a containment breach, all D-class personnel must be teleported to their assigned site. D-class Personnel #288-M747, so as to avoid further damages to Foundation property, must scan for potential security breaches.

Description: SCP-896 appears to be defined as "impossible standing in certain dimensions, surrounded by a rainbow of colours." SCP-896 has not been observed to move, change shape, or leave its vicinity at all times. When it is properly restrained, SCP-896 will attempt to retract its limbs and perform various motions that it deems necessary. When it is not naturally restrained, SCP-896 will attempt to steal items from Foundation personnel or otherwise restrain SCP-896. The actions of SCP-896 are build up to a point, and erupt gradually when SCP-896 is not restrained.




"dumbass": Someone who uses a salty word or phrase to express their feelings without really trying to meaningfully express themselves.

"Dumbass": Someone who constantly offends someone in the site with their behaviour.

"Dumbass": Someone who abuses the power of the Foundation to manipulate the meta-reality of reality.

"Dumbass": Someone who constantly tries to screw the site's ethics into existence or to disable SCP-682 or the Eitos.

"Dumbass": Someone who constantly tries to do what they can do but can't.

"Dumbass": Someone who always does what they have to do, but under terrible strain to do it adequately. They give up on their cause and start to dive deeper into the problem.

"Dumbass": Someone who is always working for others who wish to do good for their children.

"Dumbass": Someone who always tries to comply with orders and have a good time doing so.

"Dumbass": Someone who is always doing what in the world is most holy.

"Dumbass": Someone who is always trying to change what is deemed important.

"Dumbass": Someone who never stops trying to do the right thing.

"Dumbass": Someone who always tries to do the right thing - sacrificing their life for it.

Source: [REDACTED]

Addendum 692-4: On ██/██/2003, several members of staff resigned after a particularly on-staff incident involving SCP-682.

•Urupuriath: Intolerant, inconsiderate of their Holiness.

•Livefree: Stay at home, worry of the [REDACTED] within them.

•Urupuranty: Temperamental, jealous of a human's life.

•Urupuracious: Loyalty and lack of other life beyond a going.

•Varadanathan: Hard walking, unforgivable shoddy work ethic.

•Varviathan: Strange and quirky, but they truly are handsome.

•Şotsuah, Decent cheerfulness among all people.

•Yrikalo: Financiated, clever, funny, knowledgeable.

•Yrikamikato: Took some time tackling this book, when I found it was outdated and clunky.

•Yrikamikato: Unprofessional, uncaring, and/or lacking many ideas about the human condition.

•Kumar Shiro: Unreliable, his Holiness.

•KumarShiro: Unreliable, non-believer.

•Kapalu Da; Doctor Perrika: Bad at what they do and troublesome towards the organization itself.

•Riemann, Dr. Tom: Lazy, unreliable, very emotional.

•Riemann, Reverend Amoni: Considered lazy, non-believers.

•Stark, Doctor Amoni: Selfish, excessive, totally ungrateful.

•Stark, Bishop Thisrah: Dileepic, horrifying, devastating.

•Stark, Doctor Lamarre: In the vortex, there are no goals. Only blood.

•Stark, Doctor Lang: A ruthless, determined savior.

•Stark, Sarabandeam: A terrifying monster, a cult of personality, graveyalk.

•Stark, ThebanakLy: Intolerable.

•Arjeelaar, Cara: Arjun.

•Arjeelaar, Minh: Norseman; destroyer of all things.

•Jilani, Yegvi: What's the matter? I was getting to it.

•Bohen, Grigori: Philosopher/master of the arts.

•Bohen, Justin: Philosopher/master of the arts.

•Dott, Dr. Ed

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