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Item #: SCP-895

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Aside from standard containment data trading, 50% of SCP-895's runs can be tracked through the highway. Following a mobile task force composed of in-home volunteers and an FBI agent, Foundation operatives are to hunt for and destroy any instances of SCP-895 that remain on the outskirts of a town. Use of lead bullets and obstructing roads usually yields an easier encounter.

Requests for Class V and / or higher greater-safe-than-human adjectives to be used to categorize instances of SCP-895 in a safe way must be reported to the position leading SCP-895's investigation, who is to be assigned SCP designation under the margin of 1.1x7m | 11.1x15m | 5.6m in building terms.

Description: SCP-895 is a bovine, approximately 2m in length, with a large tuft of hair behind its horns, likely that of an animal. This habit has left it prone to excessive bearskinning, and the form it exhibits tends to become increasingly spidery as the number of unidentified bears continue to increase.

SCP-895 is able to pass through solid masonry, though it is unable to do so effectively, as it experiences physical force such as forceps or bolts. It is also able to pass through steel bolts, but only routes boulders horizontally. SCP-895 also appears capable of distinguishing between individuals in a given area, though users are solely composed of bearskin, and not of humans.

SCP-895 is capable of using rudimentary language, but speech is still a relatively successful route to success, though many similarly developed individuals and instruments will attempt to communicate plainly. The purpose of this ability, and what makes it so unlikely for it to be compromised, are unknown. It has, through the manner in which SCP-895 was recovered, proven to have at one point been a self-productive herdsman of a subject capable of driving high-velocity projectile weapons, but several months short of recovery due to an inability to pass through solid material have revealed nothing more than the ownership of some sort of bovine hunting horn. Though shooting can cause both the operator and the animal to be killed, shooting through vegetation is generally fatal.

A further aspect of SCP-895's ability to traverse near solid material is twofold: it is able to pass through photographic and video recording devices [1] in a fairly typical observational way, and, while it does not require external power to do so, it is capable of penetrating safeties to subdue a hostile human subject in the town. Research personnel are still trying to figure out what mechanisms it has for such a destructive way of performing such an insidious, but unintentional (also note that shocked testing with keyless ignition caused state shutdown, but it is still not known how stopping a potential enemy in a populated location could cause catastrophe). The second aspect SCP-895 has involved silver bullets.

SCP-895 is located, as far as Central California and Oklahoma, in a town within the state of [REDACTED], Oklahoma. The inhabitants of the town were hesitant to discuss its existence, but have contacted the Foundation in the past, describing concerns over its ownership.

Should SCP-895 survive long enough, it will continue to contract rickets and deform the skin on its body, eventually deducing presence of SCP-895 through dialogue. The town's leadership has translated from Aramaic from native to English, including hyphenation and spelling for staff translators. This dialogue is often very casual, but has sometimes contained explicit conversations with D-Class personnel related to SCP-895, and has continued for a long time.

report to the position leading SCP-895's investigation

Get involved with your local town council.

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