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Item #: SCP-894

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-894 is based on the principle that only something that fits in its box fits inside the box, containment and disassembly of SCP-894 is largely automated. However, SCP-894 do not serve as a box and is instead filled with a containment cluster. Containment of SCP-894 is therefore primarily coordinated via first- and second-degree internal pressure.

Update: Although SCP-987 does not contain anomalous objects or complete objects for control other than the object, due to the nature and Intelligence of SCP-894, SCP-987 does contain items and effects that are otherwise unaccounted for wholly. Furthermore, when an item or effect would be a minor inconvenience, it may be replaced by an item or effect not in the box. Containment is thus divided between the corresponding Internet service providers.

Larger boxes generally result in more complex containment procedures, such as the creation of multi-box packaging, miniaturization, and overlapping boxes.

The exception to this is the blue box designated SCP-494. SCP-494 has consistently resulted in the item listed in the center of the box appearing in a separate box. However, SCP-494 is functionally identical to the original blue box format, designed to be installed by a mechanical ​manufacturer. This is even the case when an item is removed from the box.

Update: Attempts to permanently seal SCP-494 have highlighted the potential for it to break containment. Research has now been suspended temporarily to determine the best formula to use.

Description: SCP-494 is a small plastic box with corner symbols posted in plain language and a permanent sticker on the box. Functional is identical to the box format except two hexagonal symbols on the side called "containment." All Consuming subjects connected to the internet within an eight feet radius of SCP-494 will become a 'box.' Most box formats of the same design are in use, but as some unlicensed commercial extractors are still in use, some formats are still not suitable.

SCP-494 was first observed by Agent █████ (Agent Adrain) when she used a mouse when an SCP-494 went in her social media accounts, it became a 'box' and became "anomalous" within four minutes, 3 days later. When an SCP was introduced into the living area of SCP-494, the area of effect spread also increased to 8 meters. After approximately 2 weeks, the subject later became "banished" at the exact location of the research site, however, the effects were not reversed.

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Addendum, 1/08/2017:

Liquid Sand Removal /Study

SCP-484 and the area under its effect experienced a temporary lapse of the sand from the atmosphere, and have stabilized as of now. All the 'boxes' (SCP-454 and SCP-449) have been replaced with solid, spherical, rectangular, transparent shapes. It is currently unknown if this is a direct result of experiment, or the result of SCP-484 acting on or affecting the underlying anomaly. The sand that was created at the height of the anomalous effect was ultimately used to fully contain the anomaly within a weekË♝s time.

Historical data suggests the impact of sand during an anomalous effect is to be viewed as a likely cause of this effect. However, the most likely potential cause is that the anomaly was experimentally observed and the effect was not comprehended by the general public.


Anomalous Sand Removal /Study Setting

It appears... It was the hardest thing I've ever done.

Five weeks after the event was made apparent. Dark-Blue-Box.png created on the finance project. Gone! -Dr. ████


Historical Sand Removal / Analysis (D-12505-SUPER SECURE)

Is this what the GOC is doing to us? - Doctor ████

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