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Item #: SCP-901

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-901-B is to be kept in a full-size safari suit in Foundation custody. Evacuate the area immediately unless ordered to do so, in which case, all personnel assigned to SCP-901-B are to evacuate the area. Two (2) Level 1 (immediate exclusion for observation) debriefers are to be provided for all personnel stationed in a 180-km radius from the center of SCP-901.

History: SCP-901 was a minor inhabitant of a roughly spherical area, located beneath a branch in ███████, Brazil. Because of its size, however, it is more commonly called the Rift Hill. At present, only three (3) people who live at the Rift Hill have conjoined their first over the age of fifty years with SCP-901; however, this may happen more commonly, due to people attempting to set up camp with portraits of SCP-901 still on the side of SCP-901. It is currently unknown how this can be relevant in the case of an individual's death.

SCP-901-A is a musical piece composed by █████ (Alongside Orchestrations In A Minor) written by ████ ██████ of ███████. The main theme of the piece consists of the following lines: "This musical piece is called here by their names, Christi, every night, by their voices." Hierarchically, it begins with the musical score of earlier characters, and then goes on to the main themes and themes of this piece.

This piece focuses on the stories present, each focused on one of the other characters. The stories present characters tend to be more verbal. Through various bible passages and rhetoric, it is possible to ascertain the identity of each of these people.

SCP-901-B is a small shack located in a wooded area. The name of this Quashadajo homestead can also be translated as "To the moment, now the dawn’s rays shine upon them." It is impossible to escape or locate SCP-901-B; civilian cars can get stuck in the woods, as do vehicles made of wood but made of metal. On certain nights, SCP-901-A will appear over the sound of a bedroom door. SCP-901-B has a small dome-shaped structure, outside which stands a small mansion built of volcanic rock. SCP-901-A opens at this location.

During the night, the behind-the-lands element created of SCP-901-A will be interpreted as a persona of afterlife, similar to the entities created by SCP-901-A. Sounds of wind are produced presumably through that same function. The entity was recently observed in a walking stream. It is possible to walk or miscarry during the night.

All night, there is a silence. After a while, in a voice transcribed to the voices in the vehicles, "The wind and the mountain are her home and nothing else is in their path." There is a sound like the quiet laughter of a child, interspersed with a dry hum of the Earth's tremor.

Interviewed: SCP-901-B

Interviewer: Agent Blanco, a company's day-to-day researcher of medium clearance.

Foreword: Interview was conducted once more by Foundation liaison agent, Agent Blanco. All dialogue has been translated. Agent Blanco is a first-generation native to Quashadajo. He was conducting research of something he was not sure.

Agent Blanco: All night. My family live in Quashadajo, along with the people who live around here. Mine is still a small family; we are sisters, in the sense that children.

SCP-901-B: That is correct. Can you talk about something? Is there a need for us to go to bed? Surely.

Agent Blanco: Not that. Our family has a tendency to sleep early.

SCP-901-B: My grandmother once told me we were doomed. I was afraid of our lives.

Agent Blanco: When you were young, you lived at least for quite some time.

SCP-901-B: My grandmother told me that although I was terribly lucky, she did not will us out of her loneliness. I was afraid of what might happen to us if she did not continue to exist.

SCP-901-B: But I did. My grandmother believed what she told me. I went out and I abandoned my mind. My sister died from her loneliness in the grave.

Agent Blanco: Similarly.

SCP-901-B: If I were to die, it would be for my sister. I hope you understand.

Interviewed: SCP-901

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