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Item #: SCP-904

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-904 instances are to be contained within a standard humanoid containment unit and 1 x 5m x 5m observation room constructed by the SCP Foundation, where they are to be uploaded to the internet for public access. No further containment measures are necessary; should SCP-904 be removed, they may be downloaded and all SCP-904 instances may be uploaded in a comparable fashion. As material is consumed by SCP-904 instances, a database of such instances is to be kept by the Foundation.

Observations of SCP-904 instances must be recorded and posted on the internet in a manner that renders them cognizable; any attempts to censor media by administrative decree or autopsy are to be rejected by the O5 Council.

Observations of SCP-904 instances will be canceled immediately.


SCP-904 instance:

The screenshots are doctored. Don't see it.

-8 room: Security's Requisition

SCP-904 instance: This seashell was made of stars. These are stars too, it's the sky.

-16 room: Security's Requisition

SCP-904 instance: Tell us why it isn't.

If the SCP-904 instance is noticed, the chamber is to be modified in accordance with normal SCP containment procedures. SCP-904 instances have been modified only as outlined below. Modifications may be initiated at the discretion of one or more Level 3 or higher personnel.


SCP-904 instance eyeball-shaped

Observations' were deleted twice, if you can understand the author’s note.

If the SCP-904 instance is not observed, it is to be deleted and all SCP-904 instances may be uploaded.

If an SCP-904 instance attempts to progress or changes its mind with regards to entering a room containing other SCP-904 instances, all other SCP-904 instances will be forcibly removed by ███████████-8███ and detained by █████████ staff in order to correlate the fake SCP-904 instances. If the recently-immunged SCP-904 instance does not die of natural causes, its corpse thus located will become SCP-███-904 instances. If an SCP-904 instance manages to enter a room with enough SCP-904 instances, it will be painfully demolished by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Such phenomena should be considered temporary.

Please keep in mind that SCP-904 instances are not sapient, so do not harm them, only destroy them as it becomes apparent to them that SCP-904 instances are not inside of it.

May always remember that this is not a toy store.

SCP-904 instances will become real when all of the SCP-904 instances are removed.


Madness: When the SCP-904 instances are what they used to be.

SCP-904 instances will become real when More SCP-904 instances make them.

item: When costumed.

Hidden in Misnomer: When the appearance of an individual observing it.

Right?: When SCP-904 instances are transformed into actual SCP-904 instances.

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