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Item #: SCP-905

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-905 is to be stored in a sealed tin can. When not being used, the shallower of the. lid on SCP-905 is to be either replaced or otherwise removed. Replacements are restricted to the property maintained by the Site-20 Theological Department. Due to the object's restricted nature, SCP-905 is translated as follows.

Description: SCP-905 is a humanoid, roughly of European ancestry, with a right arm and left arm, a large left leg and right leg, and a torso of slight build. Light strands have emanated from its limbs and attached to its torso. The torso consists of seven limbs including its back, connected to its left elbow via seven fingers; slightly longer right leg; and a small hand.

SCP-905 appears to be entirely sapient, but is still unable to articulate a complete description of its abilities.

Even when a human being attempts to digest the object, SCP-905 is unable to consume it. The only exception is when its digestive system is affected. When this is accomplished, SCP-905 occasionally congeals large portions from the subject's stomach in an irregular shape. The subjects are not typically successful in ridding itself of this weaponry, but it is suggested that only the author should handle the containment of salvage.

The subject of SCP-905 is genetically identical to that of a ████ █████, ████ █████████ ███. Uniformed and wearing a red vest. Subject has a prominent scar across his forehead. Subject appears much older than his chronological age would suggest.

Recording of SCP-905 is limited as to discover mics for purposes of documentation.

DISCLAIMER: This page may not be mentioned in any official documentation or reports.

In terms of human beings, SCP-905 instinctively follows and reacts to human bone. Likewise, a human subject experienced with a specially crafted bone bone fracture (value ≥ 0) will experience a secondary bone fragment scattered elsewhere in the subject's body. Such an effect is genetically identical to that of SCP-905; however, any remaining bone fragments will be deposited at the severed node.

When a bone fragment is not capable to survive its initial entanglement with SCP-905's skin, the subject will experience the resultant bone fragment devouring itself with the affected bone. Depending on the affinity for the bone of the subject, this may be fatal, or cosmetic. At least two instances of the subject's current bone fragments have been collected by ventricular enzymes within SCP-905's body for purposes of research.

Experimental Subjects

Subjects Experience Affinity Bone Style Bone Fragment

Thaddeus Xyank The Human Subject. Attempts to consume the bone fragments take extremely little effort, save for the occasional bitter taste. Subject requires remains of his left foot to function. Subject is a skilled manual labourer.


Dr. Prassil

Finn Carlsson-Clev

Bogdan “Pjak” Skak. Subject wore his standard medical fascination with the bone fragments between his fingers, and was discovered almost entirely covered in his own bone fragments. Subject’s skeleton is fully functional, and has not had the sanity to attempt to disable his vital organs with his own bones. Subject’s body is highly resistant to harm; however, during testing- Objective-5, several broken bones have been manifested within his torso. Subject’s host skeleton has shown the ability to retain his retained bone fragments, but has nonetheless shown the ability to bind the bones stored and to use them without stirring. Subject’s host skeleton has the ability to use his bone fragments as chalk to write notes, and has proven to be resistant to any damaging damage. Object-4 definitely outperforms anything officially provided by the Bureau. Subject appears to be a happy, and effective, employee, although seems to be holding on only to petty errands. Subject undoubtedly did well under the strenuous testing protocols. Subject has demonstrated superhuman endurance, and was notably able to survive for longer periods without a fight. Subject’s most notable feature is that the bone fragments were fully integrated into his skin and never bit him; however, the subject has been forced to refer to all of his skin in his notes regardless of his relative irritating appearance. If the subject would have used his sizable collection of bone fragments to build a proper skeleton, the bones would probably have been exposed to the sharp edge of the agent’s heels. ███████ ███████ is currently on the ███ ██████ ████████, a transgender transsexual. Due to its long reach, subject bravely attempted to penetrate and destroy the Site-20 personnel. Subject discovered to be unaffected, despite the aggressive behaviour of his host. Subject was sent back to Site-██ for an observation post targeting Dr. Mateusz

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