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Item #: SCP-906

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-906 is to be kept in a standard safe-class containment locker at Site-27. The name "Thrice" is to be written on its front in heavy steel. The containment tank on the side of the object must be painted dark grey as well. Exceptionally, standard field hazmat gear ("trash") is to be equipped on-site to prevent damage to the object.

The object is to be kept in a corner of its own containment. Access must be barred by security personnel in addition to warning signs.

Personnel should avoid contacting SCP-906 at any time. Personnel and personnel should not interact with SCP-906. Unauthorized participants in testing with SCP-906 must be punished by permanently losing the employment of the corresponding personnel. Requests for PLE/1 authorization to test with SCP-906 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-906 is a cold-melon-derived substance, composed largely of melon and pesticide; the object's chemical composition resembles organic polymer resin, but is gelatinous similar to the more popular glass in its structure. Chemical analysis shows intent to mimic the popular Melon brand loaf, without redundant chemical costs. Testing shows that the melon additive acts as an aphrodisiac, evoking an satiated long-term appetite and increasing self-confidence in the subject.

SCP-906 was recovered on ██/██/██, after a raid by ███████ University authorities on the university for storing illegal substances. The object had been secretly bought off-the-market by a third party. ███████ University is located on the outskirts of ███████████, Minnesota, in a…

Addendum: Protests have been raided by police for widespread possession of SCP-906. The most frequent attendees elsewhere have appeared to be regulars with the organic church, believed to be dealing in illegal items and/or use of anomalous substances. All illegal assemblers listed in Containment Log 906 broke down to a few main categories:

1.One case of a man fitted with several flashlights, one-use instruments, instrumental music box, and some garden equipment left to open under the exterior of the gun.

2.An unidentified poster showing symbols similar to those found on the Palestine flag. The art appears to be in German, including a stylized swastika beneath a metaphor for the territorial claim. An account from a local farmer estimated profits at roughly 5 USD per bottle.

3.A compound consisting of the herbs carnifex and a known chemical compound. It is unknown whether this substance has a meditative effect.

4.An unidentified solvent which appears to be derived from the oil contained in SCP-896.

manna-charcoal manna-charcoal manna-charcoal.jpg


Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be confiscated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The legality of the cube and the various market sources are under investigation.

Classification of SCP-906 is currently under review. Testing is currently underway on a sample of SCP-906 analyzed by all located parties.

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