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Item #: SCP-909

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Object is kept in a small containment locker, accessible through the locker of all Site-19 personnel. Object is to be empty of anomalies, however, when testing or research may be done, only test personnel will be permitted to touch it. Object is safe in its standard containment locker.

Description: SCP-909 is an unidentified substance, and appears to be regular yellowish, with traces of an unidentified red substance (Foundation tests have given it no chemical makeup; most of the red substance is impure).

When touched, it rapidly expands, roughly following a theme of 'development'. To date, no human has died of being affected by SCP-909. And experiment, test, and further testing will not be permitted until it is removed from the subject's/object's possession.

In addition, the exception of SCP-909 is the aforementioned SCP-909-1, dubbed SCP-909-2, who possesses ethereal-like, glowing white skin. While ethereal-like, The object/subject may be visible, like the smell of ozone or the flavor of lilac. If touched, the skin will start glowing red and go black within an instant. The color of the skin will not change significantly if the subject is exposed to chemical stench.

Addendum: testing of the effects of SCP-909 on the subject has proven inconclusive.


1. Randomly-referred to as 'their', however, is an incorrect term. Ethereal-type subjects will be inanimate, with the physical form likely rotting away in the process.

2. As discovered through multiple toxicological testing of the substance.

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