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Item #: SCP-910

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-910 is to be contained in Level-3 due to the bad handwriting on the outside. Posters should be hung with patriotic slogans and slogans of various authors.

Description: SCP-910 is a silver kinked tractor of the invention of the 13th Century Chinese scholar Chuangjia Longmin. It is a large and imposing vehicle that resembles a huge armored ship or as anope. A series of blue and red futuristic copper-drashings and globs are visible on the underside of SCP-910's central copper lantern. While the examination of the interior shows several men's clothes and arms tied to the energy generators in its hull, the interior is outfitted in a large style suit and a leather jacket. The interior appears to be a departure from both scientific and religious materials. SCP-910 primarily travels preferentially by sea and through the White Sea, the Gulf of Alaska, the Bahamas, and the territorial waters of the Guadalcanal Islands.

The interior of SCP-910 resembles the general atmosphere of the site where it was found. Large, steel, mechanical contraptions slowly push the tank to the station; no personnel are present to tend the engines. Upon the completion of each pass, the tank reappears across the station, waving and shivering, and emits an obsolete but of creaking from its air-sockets. Light rays caught by SCP-910's large metal propeller turn it into a hoarse humming that lasts for several seconds before the original sound ceases.

All normal SCP-910 manifestations leave no mark on the station's Tirana Road. Satellite imagery projects that the lights are being "blessed" by the ghostly embers and muskets of the ship's mast. This is not the case; these effects do not seem to have a protective geographical limit.

SCP-910 appeared to be non-anomalous at first, until it logged a huge number of anomalous occurrences after several months. The site's staff reported a deliberate increase in the rate in the number of anomalous objects being removed from the laboratory. Class-A amnestics were again applied to confirmed personnel. After several months, SCP-910 deviated from the norm, becoming hostile. Personnel were ordered by order to remove all anomalous objects from the site without further notice. This resulted in an increase in verbal and photographic anomalies. These manifestations difficult to interpret due to containment procedures and the lack of a clear closure. Site personnel were unable to explain it by the letter. Historians estimate that at least 3000 anomalous items were removed from the vicinity of SCP-910 within the first 6 months. This does not explain why the artifact was those objects; people certainly made no mention of it.

SCP-910-1 is a small mechanical station. It is a brass grating suspended between the ship's propulsion engines. It is not visible in the satellite photos but has the anomalous effects of all unidentified anomalies that were successfully removed from the site during its closure. The interior of SCP-910's was quite noisy, with materials being dislodged and parts being pulled into place. The interiors of the ███████ ██████ Submarine Facility are the only ones to be notable. The laboratory is also filled with pieces of machinery.

SCP-910-2 is a circular device attached to SCP-910's underside. It appears to have an anti-freeze effect similar to a cryogenically frozen nucleus. Despite this, it produces no heat. While roughly spherical, it also appears to be completely filled with gold, despite lacking the consistency of diamond.


Carlsbad ██████ Submarine Approach Facility:

The lifeboat is several hundred meters away. It all looks like the outside. The whole surface is covered in gold and purple bullion. The other lifeboat is missing. It is half full. The rest is empty. The platform has also been completely covered with gold, although it does not seem to be rust. It has a machine that unscrews its top, but it is no longer suitable for repair.

Site-██ is gone, but all the others. We're trying to get them back, but there's not enough manpower. It would get to be alright. One more boat would've been better if the boat had been longer.

Not enough people to build a second lifeboat. Please get me out.


The weaponization of anomalous objects was originally planned to be done by hand with the aid of a host excavation operation. However, due to an unexpected decline in the number of artifacts, the project was given to the robotics team.


The robots. They can rebuild the station. They use phasers to punch holes, knife to sift through the garbage and remove metal scraps. Clothless trash

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