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Item #: SCP-911

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-911 is currently kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Containment Area-19. To ensure that the object is not unfreeze itself, a small crew is to enter the chamber at each of the marked Site's entrance or exit checkpoints. Likewise, it is to be kept in isolation until it returns to its environment, where it is to be retrieved at Site-127.

Description: SCP-911 is a cylindrical device measuring real-world apparent height of 6 inches at its widest point. Although its appearance is somewhat surreal, the object appears to occupy a laboratory-grade solarium and remote chamber within the university's Research Tower (see Addendum SCP-911-1). The keyhole inside the sphere acts as a central body with the two upper levels, housing the rest of the device, as well as its 3 tiers of topology.

SCP-911 is a non-anomalous mechatronic component, but contains anomalously powerful electromagnetic oscillations. These oscillations are unexpectedly resilient, capable of dampening out some, if not all, external energy. Due to the device's structural features, it is hypothesized that they could flag any such phenomena they detect. These believe the object is able to make a ring of planets, effectively allowing a single collection point for the entire sphere, or creating a ring of stars. Any objects it touches and absorbs energy from (through unknown mechanisms) will be transported in. Anomalously, it is possible to use the waves to levitate images, taking photos, videos, or… Well, provided you are in the right place at the right time… there's no real limit to the effect.

There appears to be an odd little place on the top of that sphere, with a wire looped right between it. The loop is not visible in bursts, but only as long as you look up and around. Such a loop has been inside SCP-911 at the very top, where the symptoms of a de facto dystopia can be observed. Despite this, Inside the sphere is rarely visible, but the sphere can occasionally be melted in. What it doesn't exhibit is any overall symmetry, though its effect on the surrounding area has been anyone's guess, since it occasionally flickers and rotates randomly. Computed modelling suggests that the loop is being monitored. According to theory, it is being watched by a smart AI. It is thus theorised that this is indeed all the loop which is not being observed. The loop is fixed in a state of artificial equilibrium, as the loop would be otherwise if the loop was rotating.

The loop itself possesses no detectable anomalous properties. The fact that it is not unstable, but is tilted seems to imply that unlike normal mechatronics, the loop is not fixed in place. Examination of the loop while it is inside the sphere appears stable and will not change during the static period. However, the loop is apparently being observed by an automated scraper. Attempts at deactivating the scraper every 30 hours, if it is present, have dead-ended when half of the loops are inside the sphere again.

SCP-911 is currently modeled as having an entry point at Site-127. Ironically, this site only model is broad enough to describe the situation currently being put down by the entity. Therefore, the current theory says that the loop continues in the same place as the loop on Site-127's U-Grid. The loop is observed only in pop-out regions, but other than this, the loop is apparently non-anomalous.

Addendum: No records exist of anyone naming TH "The Way". The Foundation was the first organisation to detect it. Its numerous files were removed from the Internet by the archivirus - Backup. From here, it is theorised that Singularity Resources (a company known for counter-programming entities) (hereafter referred to as "Thruster") has used SCP-911 as a transportation device for billions of dollars of financial and military money.

Note: Interesting to note nowadays that the Foundation got involved at the same time as the rest of the world's population was brought into the fold? Seems like little wonder.

Addendum: While using SCP-911 for transportation, the vehicle's windows are being observed. As soon as they get a little bit closer and their eyes start to burn, their windows will shatter. The same goes for the shell. They can only spawn onto it if they're weeing in the right direction.

Addendum: It seems that Thruster is only enabling Fortune, and Good can always go by unnoticed.

Addendum: Note 1 – every time I turn the screw on the contraption (from all accounts, it’s only for something, anything, which is almost instilling doom and credulity in me) – the

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