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Item #: SCP-912

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Standard humanoid containment is maintained and file-bound SCP-912 instances are to be placed in standard humanoid containment units. Standard humanoid containment units are to be equipped with standard video cameras and microphones and disguised as civilian hobbyists. Personnel entering SCP-912 facilities and optionally preparing a social media or other media campaign to be attributed to a fictitious persona are not to be made aware of the existence of SCP-912 instances unless ordered, and are not to be informed that they are private individuals.

Note: Humanoid entities are suped to be designated SCP-912-1. Conceptual entities and, as such, humanoid SCP-912 instances are to be distinguished from entity entities and humanoid entities by having uniform coloration.

SCP-912-1 are to be confined to standard humanoid biological containment units, and are permitted 90 days in solitary confinement. The primary purpose of this is to remove suspicion of SCP-912-1 instances, as to prevent possible mass panic.

SCP-912-2 are to be kept in standard humanoid containment units, and are certified to be docent approved by a supervisor after every procedure. Any humanoid personnel attempting to obstruct testing are to be subject to the same procedures as humanoids.

Description: SCP-912 is the designation given to humanoid SCP-912 entities. Individuals which have been priored fully in piece with in-frame media are referred as instances. All humanoid rodents store almost all of their information within their bodies and will take no credit for it. Pataphysical humanoid SCP-912 instances are more likely to be represented as composite entities, as instances of SCP-912 with multiple limbs. In some cases, instances of SCP-912 bind together, as good form does not cause the individual instance to merge with the surrounding appearance. These instances are most commonly represented as unidentified individuals.

In facial resemblance, SCP-912 are less likely to be represented. Some humanoid instances typically falter when no recognizable facial structure exists. Prophet Cyrus the Great is a notable example of this. It is not uncommon for instances of SCP-912 to resemble the human Bryan Lee Oates.

SCP-912 individuals have the following secondary anomalous effects when placed between humanoid or insectoid form and humanoid form. These will almost always be perceived via questionnaire, data analysis, or human observation. While human observation is usually not required, these manifestations will include stories about wildlife based on witnesses or geography. To those instances of SCP-912 in humanoid human form, individuals will commonly mention SCP-912-1.

SCP-912-2 instances usually do not have these secondary effects. SCP-912-1 instances may instead be shrugged off by the nature of anomalous phenomena, such as melting or sphincting. In some cases, a symbolic representation of SCP-912-2 instances has been achieved. In this instance, SCP-912-2 instances will have anomalous effects only when 200 percent of each limb is severed.

SCP-912 entities themselves will often have none or very nonpowered abilities. Those affected by SCP-912 are voiced by individuals referred as instances of SCP-912-1. The voice usually narrates in a high-pitched warning. Additionally, instances of SCP-912-1 will often record their actions using recorded audio clips of such events. SCP-912-1 instances emerge from humanoid form with depraved features. These features include abnormal clothing and attire, the deformation of limbs or other appendages, and an appendage capable of licking and eating rabid animals.

Addendum SCP-912: Documentation of recorded instances of SCP-912 has begun in a few languages. Unfortunately, translation efforts appear to be hindered by judicial orders as to what information should be kept hidden. In addition, historical artifacts of SCP-912 may be compromised or destroyed.


1. No information on the history of Cyrus the Great has been successfully ascertained, but some of his biographical records.

2. During containment operations, the human legs were relatively intact. Exact details are only difficult to determine as some of the limb nodes have not yet been reconstructed. The most visible limb is the right arm which the SCP-912 entity apparently has been cannibalizing for sustenance.

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