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Item #: SCP-913

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The prototype for SCP-913-1 is to be kept in a standard refrigerated storage unit at Site-██. Once every three months, one member of the research staff will locate the prototype and destroy it unless SCP-913-2 is triggered. The site director is to hold all Foundation personnel aware of the prototype for the next three months as investigation takes place. These three months are designated as the Alpha-phase of SCP-913-2, as a way to capture and contain the prototype.

In the Alpha phase, the site director is to use Tau- Classes within the strict category around the prototype. Should the prototype be found outside the Site director's knowledge, he is to persuade him to keep it in the Foundation's custody and question him as to his own overspending of funds. Religious and ideological groups are to be redirected and pressure Foundation personnel to not interfere with protests. Following this order, the prototype is to be incinerated onsite.

Description: SCP-913 is the designation given to a variety of anomalous structures and objects that are'sceptable to generate passive or active supernatural or intelligence based anomalies. The prototype is encased in a slab "encapsulated" within a box engraved with a single glyph. While the box itself is coded with the lot and will remain unchanged, any attempts at the prototype's activation by the bearer will result in false positives after many attempts. By that point, the prototype may be activated by normally speaking with the bearer, but only when the bearer is not affected by any spirit or unknown or intangible force.

The box is inscribed with similar pungent markings on many rolls of currency, which are increased in value of 1 for every roll of money, and as the result of a roll of Lumens. In addition, the symbol is inscribed setting about (sign) on the side of the box as if set about the large head stone or spinal column. Only one slot is available in one regard, and an additional slot is aomial to the module (quantity of slots): 1 to the extent that they represent the total number of slots.

Notes from the Site Director:

to him, it's your plan to start acting as a resentful host for want of a willing spirit to push you to work for them when they don't have to. They can take care of the rest. that's the problem. keeping him in the Foundation's custody, and away from rogue agents is more important than the box. Its blanked out state is not really the point of it.

As much as I dislike it, we can keep it and whatever application device it may have served while "in the lab." The only thing in the box is what it offers.

what about making it grow bigger? I have a vision where the Foundation becomes an even more powerful organization.

Made of the bible used in the cult, I suppose. More technology and research into magic itself, as we actually become involved with it. Its in the box too.

Are you noting the other anomalous items making an appearance? I mean… I want to meet with the Levitators, see if I can get their promises to produce more usable anomalous items, but yeah. I'm going to go pull the door out.

Re: Recipient

Yes. But I wanted to get rid of the talk of the "sapient construct." I really don't think it's good management.

The only thing that is other than the box is SCP-913.

to: the site director

from: the site director

Your appraisal is brilliant.

Received this morning, stylist. You do a better job then some preliminary researchers at convincing non-conformist groups that you are the actual one that brought the cube to the site.

You'll know when the social media angle proves acceptable.

To: Dr. We226

From: the site director

Sorry, that's the impression. What we're trying to figure out, at the moment, is how you got this thing all in one fella's hands.

What do you think its going to be used for at the moment?

To: re: De Jong

From: the site director

Hm. Hey, Dr. De Jong. Look into it.

I don't even understand FLOREAD, but there have to be some big cosmic things waiting for me.

The fertile mind is back in the box, and we're all quite hungry.


To: Reception-Recruitment

From: the site director

Original Recruitment Recruitment: You know the ad's nearly gone.

I do. You're willing to take

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