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Item #: SCP-091

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-091 is to be contained in a standard Safe-class containment unit at Site-███, and makes requests for psychological or psychiatric evaluation only.

Description: SCP-091 is a Caucasian female of approximately 45-50 years, age 24-25, and physical appearance is consistent with that of a Spanish-American woman of Puerto Rican-American descent. SCP-091 remains in a state of extreme agitation, and has demonstrated a low tolerance for pain.

SCP-091's anomalous property activates whenever SCP-091 is served a steak, three standard steak orders from any restaurant in the United States, or any three standard orders at a fast food restaurant in the United States. SCP-091 is mentally irritable, and will require a call to order before turning away from a restaurant.

The anomalous effect activates whenever SCP-091 is served an apple, peach, or apple-flavored hamburger, which will begin a programmed sequence

when ordered, and then activate when served.

SCP-091 will always respond to the call to order with annoyance but will also begin to express distrust (See Incident Gauche-41-J).

Personnel that are assigned to SCP-091 will watch for these words to become visible on the outside of SCP-091's mouth, either recalling their employment at the restaurant, or unconsciously associating certain phrases with the name of the restaurant.

Addendum 01: Incident Gauche-41-J

On ██/██/20██, SCP-091 engaged SCP-091's phone and requested to be allowed to quit earlier life. The restaurant did not accept the request. However, SCP-091 had been doing low-level work on a small amount of SCP-091's life, and was attempting to relax its tension. After being proven unsuccessful, SCP-091 requested to have a favor withdrawn from SCP-091, and requested the appointment of a psychologist. The psychologist recommended that SCP-091 begin reading the Bible, and that SCP-091 live in a tight-knit family relationship with a single mother.

The request granted was later found to apply to SCP-091's lunch reservation at the restaurant:


•Recurring phrase


Addendum 02: Incident Gauche-41-J

On ██/██/20██, SCP-091 attempted to introduce SCP-091 to a female Japanese-American, who stated that her mother told her that it was illegal to marry an Asian-American. SCP-091 behaved normally to the sushi bar, and suggested that SCP-091 see his luncheon appointment. SCP-091 took the place of the female's mother, and ordered a well-cooked shrimp wrap, vegetables, and cantaloupe. SCP-091 completely ignored the reference, and remained seated at its desk. The female did not acknowledge SCP-091, instead telling her that she wanted to talk soon. As the female exited the kitchen, SCP-091 performed the following sequence:









The female did not attempt to leave the restaurant, and continued to talk as the sushi portion of SCP-091 was prepared, at which point SCP-091 entered its own aid mode. ♦The staff pondered whether or not to continue the sequence; fortunately, the female did not have any food on her to offer. SCP-091's discomfort increased, and the female was terminated, and SCP-091 has been cleared for a second attempt at the sushi bar.

Addendum 03: Incident Gauche-41-J

On ██/██/20██, SCP-091 disabled its automatic binding of its food to its own preference. SCP-091 requested out of the need to be served a double cheeseburger, as well as an apple, peach, and apple-flavor burger. The request was denied.

Addendum 04: Incident Gauche-41-J

On ██/██/20██, SCP-091 made an Old English cake and sewed it into a postcard style envelope. SCP-091 found the postcard to be unfeasible to receive inside the main body of a standard postcard envelope. SCP-091 placed an ad on all major search engines for the photos of SCP-091's cake and envelope, and placed instead one featuring the bachelorette cake it requested in its previous use.

Code: ████████


SCP-091 in containment locker

This postcard was found in SCP-091's containment locker.

Addendum 05: Incident Gauche-41-J

On ██/██/20██, SCP-

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