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Item #: SCP-092

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-092 is to be stored in Level-4 containment at Site-32. Any instances of SCP-092 that appear in containment have been removed and stored separately from SCP-092. No staff are to come in contact with SCP-092. All testing of SCP-092 is to be conducted via approved testing protocols.

Description: SCP-092 is a 4.5 by 2.5 mm (0.75x75mm), opaque plastic looking plastic mug that has the label "Instant-Woozer", along with the "E-MAZE-M" tattoo on it. The mug is made of the same plastic used in standard coffee filters, and has a genuine-looking silver base. The mug has no markings on it other than the identical "E-MAZE" logo, and it displays no markings on it other than the identical "E-MAZE" logo.

When placed in the open ceramic bowl of a jar, SCP-092 will immediately draw from the bowl and then fill with a single cup of Japanese soft drinks. The cup evolves during the process in the same way a standard black coffee mug changes when you open it. All workers involved in its opening process have expressed no interest in the construct and only show mildly interest, at most occasionally referring to it by their actual names.

SCP-092's anomalous properties appear even at a distance, and only appear when it has previously been opened. These effects will not apply to any object that has been opened completely, and materials held within it are unaffected.

When an individual opens SCP-092, the nearest observable substance within a 100-meter radius will spontaneously transform into a medium-strength marijuana cigarette. This will also auto-iterate in the exact same 4.5x55mm (0.75x75mm) radius, though many residents and businesses in the site's bordering states are suspected to be an independent colony of SCP-092. The process purposely involves a delay between the two effects, meaning that all instances of SCP-092 appear within one minute after their respective object has been opened.

Additional Containment Procedures: SCP-092 is to be kept in the same storage facility as all other space-time anomalies that are contained at Site-32. Under no circumstances are personnel to come closer than 30 meters from SCP-092. Food and water are to be taken in and one hour's worth of light-sources that can be adjusted from the lowest to highest setting within the containment chamber are to be provided in an enclosed cup and can be used to run power to SCP-092.

Any personnel who have the permission of O5 Command may submit a request for the use of a portable electric generator to generate power for SCP-092. Requests may be submitted by any other O5 person, regardless of internal or external time control.

SCP-092 is to be kept in a conveniently portable containment chamber, and if no other space-time anomaly is contained in it, it is to be kept in a standard 1.5m x 1.5m (3 foot x 3 foot) plastic storage chamber. In the event that SCP-092 starts to grow inactive, SCP-092 is to be maintained in quarantine at Site-37 until re-contained.

Description: SCP-092 "E-MAZE-M" has the rightmost initials in front of it. When placed in a jar of powdered coffee, SCP-092 will begin to produce the exact same amount of coffee, although the quantity is increased by one teaspoon per hour. The duration this effect lasts, and in certain circumstances, increases exponentially, are currently unknown.

Before SCP-092 begins to produce the coffee, it is sealed in a 1.5m x 1.5m (3 foot x 3 foot) glass container and stored throughout the containment chamber as a standard kitchen utt in its own isolated chamber. The entire containment chamber is a circle of 10cm x 10cm (3 foot x 3 foot) oil-proof glass coated with pure water, with a single coil of wire to create an integrated inverter system.

Once the coffee is finished, it is to be poured into a cup of powdered dark chocolate, which, when placed in a jar, will generate a high-paying recall of coffee essence.

SCP-092 is practically uncontainable, though the other space-time anomalies are not. Because of this, all possible access points to or from its containment chamber are in the presence of unknown means of containment. Attempts to contact SCP-092 via a robotic probe, via the use of mosquito traps, or other methods of event-based containment procedures violate the protocols to initiate these protocols, and all attempts are to be hoped for granted approval. All attempts to access SCP-092 via outside means are to be avoided in this case.

Tests of SCP-092

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