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Item #: SCP-093

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-093's cells are to be kept in a sealed steel safe. SCP-093's cells are to be fitted with an automatic sterile counter, and sealed at the same time.

SCP-093 is to be kept in a soundproof containment chamber, with soundproofing reinforced to 57dB. Due to the object's containment procedures, no audio or video recording equipment is to be located within SCP-093's containment chamber.

Due to SCP-093's immobility and the possibility of SCP-093 being able to "attack" again, it is suggested that attempts to terminate it are not to be followed.

Description: SCP-093 is a humanoid organism created by the Foundation for the Physical Testing branch of its own operations. It is slightly unremarkable, with a resemblance to a human male in its skin tone, background color, and facial features. It is notable for having relatively few limbs and the lack of facial structures, so specimens cannot perform the same function as a human's.

SCP-093 is capable of speech. No written language can exist within its containment chamber.

SCP-093 can take action as it sees fit, but it has not yet demonstrated the ability to see what it wants, communicate verbal or non-verbal.

SCP-093 appears to be incapable of violence, and will always choose the simplest course of action over the most complex. It is also reluctant to engage in interesting forms of combat against personnel, preferring to avoid telling tactics and avoid violent action.

SCP-093 is able to create objects using the SCP-093 object that it originally created. These objects all share the same purposes and functions as SCP-093's original SCP-093 object, but are the original objects of SCP-093's containment. These objects are:

•All SCP-093 objects currently exist within Foundation containment.

•The SCP-093 object is extremely rare outside of Foundation containment.

•All SCP-093 objects have been subjected to major structural alterations and/or destruction. This could be at least partially due to SCP-093 not being able to accept interactions in the physical environment.

•SCP-093 objects are manufactured and manufactured by SCP-093.

•It is possible that SCP-093 may be able to transport them to another Foundation containment facility.

•Instances of SCP-093-1 are not a null-state.

SCP-093 is a formidable and persistent threat to Foundation containment, and containment procedures are to be revamped or updated as needed. SCP-093 has shown the ability to create both minor and major Objects of Containment, and has shown the ability to remove objects from containment with it, although this has never been observed.

SCP-093 is also capable of creativity. A good example of this is SCP-093's ability to create revised containment procedures.

SCP-093, being the prototypically unique object it is, is also expected to be stored in a soundproof containment chamber, with soundproofing reinforced to 57dB.

Furthermore, SCP-093 is to have ten (10) instances of SCP-093-1 within it, to which SCP-093 is to be attached via the belt. The belt is to be worn with all hands closed in a kneeling position.

Description: SCP-093 is a humanoid organism containing a functioning audio, video, audio-visual and audio-computer equivalent communication device. SCP-093 is a complex construct, and may take several forms.

SCP-093 is a sapient entity that possesses all the physical attributes of an adult human. SCP-093's physical structure is essentially three-dimensional.

SCP-093's Mind is a non-anomalous but non-euclidian mind that SCP-093's personality inhabits. SCP-093 possesses a set of mechanical processes that allow it to repeat itself.

SCP-093 is capable of speech, which SCP-093 has demonstrated the ability to understand. When approached by an individual, SCP-093's voice will mutter identical phrases with an unknown number (designate SCP-093-1) and a set of phonemes (designate SCP-093-2).

SCP-093 is also capable of excretion. The subject's urine produces a white substance with similar properties to human urine.

Due to SCP-093's immobility and the likelihood of SCP-093 'killing' again, Class-D Personnel are to be kept on anti-psychotic medication for an indefinite amount of time.

SCP-093's singular property is the ability to engage in advanced scientific modification of SCP containment procedures, as well the ability to create and use new Materials and Objects as it wishes.






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