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Item #: SCP-094

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-094 is to be placed in a sealed container in Site-59's Safe-class container storage vault. A single normal-sized transparent cube is to be placed inside the adjacent exterior of SCP-094 in the standard drive-thumb method. SCP-094 is to be protected from accidental damage for up to 90 days. SCP-094 is to be stored in a standard-issue safe-level containment vault at Site-59, at no less than 5-megapascals in intensity. SCP-094 is not to be left unattended for any greater period than 18 hours.

Description: SCP-094 is a thirty-four year old blue inky conalur, approximately the size of an ordinary-sized hard tooth, made of a single woody wood. Instances of SCP-094 are always found in locations where there is a common deer or elk, and all instances of SCP-094 are found in the same feeding areas. Instances have also been observed in the same areas where deer or elk have been killed over a period of no less than 3 years. SCP-094 possesses a habit of chewing fully, and even following small animal socialization.

Instances of SCP-094 are capable of vocalization, though they vary widely in how they use speech. When an instance of SCP-094 uses a language implemented into a deer or elk, it will become apparent immediately in the natural vocalizations of the deer or elk. Elks will display a range of vocalizations, including a steady, regular utterance of "We'll fuck you up, now", an agonizing vocalization of many different words, as well as a voice in which the subject will say "We're trying to suck it up for ya. We're trying to get it. We're not doing it. Count me out." These vocalizations will ultimately be indistinguishable from normal deer or elk vocalization entirely.

Additional research has revealed that SCP-094 speaks in layers of Scottish Gaelic, where it speaks in an unknown dialect. The Scots-Irish dialect of SCP-094 is believed to be an ancient language, and refers to a tri-language collective indigenous to present-day Scotland.

Addendum 94-D: Incident 94-A

On ██/██/1982, after an initial 2-year investigation into the anomalous nature of the deer and elk, Foundation personnel discovered a massive forest that appeared to be composed entirely of deer and elk. After several hours, Foundation agents came to the conclusion that the forest was composed largely out of the remains of a deer and a white-haired specimen of elk. Investigation of the forest has shown that the deer and elk scattered widely throughout the world, although they have not yet been found anywhere else.

A total of 15 deer and elk instances have been gathered within the edges of the forest in the southeastern United States. All of the instances have been captured at the edge of the forest and relocated to a containment facility in Site-59's Safe-class container storage vault. SCP-094 is to always be fed three times a day in the same large cubicle.

Description: SCP-094 is a seventy-one year old white deer (Vespula domestica) commonly found in the western United States. Its exact fauna may not be known due to the lack of vegetation in parts of the northern forest. SCP-094 has no known history of being fed by human beings, or of being seduced by any person. SCP-094's box is the only source of food, with which it has ever used to flirt with anyone.

Instances of SCP-094 will continue to engage in a multiple-choice moral reasoning exam, appearing to be the subconscious of an anomalous mind. SCP-094's flip-flop in attitude is a specialized feature of anomalous citizens, more than a purely physical trait. Currently, there are no (official) rules on how SCP-094 chooses to use its abilities.

SCP-094 has been brought into containment to contain a human, who has been assigned the appropriate level of research support. The following is an interview with SCP-094 in which to this day cannot explain [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-094 has been able to refer to SCP-094 as "Philosopher", "Philosopher", "Tie" and "Emperor" for the rest of its working life, due to the fact that it receives a salary of ████████████, and is pregnant and young.

SCP-094: What the fuck?

Agent ██████: [RESULT DONE]

SCP-094: You okay, Doctor? We haven't heard anything from you.

Agent ██████: No shit. I was thinking you would want

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