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Item #: SCP-095

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Forces Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nucleation") is to be outfitted with Quantum-level Subatomic GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking devices for use in locating and counting drive units connected to SCP-095. Exercise dossiers are not to be used as a means of command and control.

Exploration Logs of SCP-095 are to be monitored at all dangerous locations, and should be deleted after every three months.

Description: SCP-095 is a ██-year-old,[REDACTED] mechanical typewriter of unknown provenance. It uses the same underlying mechanical components as all other known instances of SCP-095 and is indistinguishable from SCP-0950. All text and printed content published within SCP-095 is identical in every word.

When an SCP-095 letter is written on a standard, glossy, fully-functioning mechanical device, the letter will show up as a signature on a standard-issue serial typewriter. These signatures have been determined to be the only authentic copies of any known variant of the device of any known size.

When this occurs, the SCP-095 replaced by the original letter will be released from an SCP-095 containment unit to be used for writing SCP-095 documents. It will also emerge from the containment unit to give formal permission to SCP-095 for use, subjecting the original letter to the same treatment.

The SCP-095 envelopes that contain SCP-095 documents will each be labeled with text on the right hand side, with the letter on the bottom. Inside, SCP-095 letters will be seen to be met in alphabetical order to ensure word placement within the document.

Addendum 1: Specimens of SCP-095

: A list of known instances of SCP-095

: A list of SCP-095 specimens given to Foundation personnel

: A list of SCP-095 specimens used for testing

1. When SCP-095 is used for writing, simple scents of wood, flower, ash, and chrysanthemum will manifest within its envelope.

2. All specimens of SCP-095 tested have been found to be identical to SCP-0950.

3. Documented incidents involving the use of SCP-095 are usually the result of tampering, so do not read a below SCP-095 document pertaining to testing.

4. Following the release of SCP-095, its anomalous effect ceases for the duration of 24 hours.

5. SCP-095 reproduceable cases of SCP-095 contamination will take years to be officially eliminated.

6. Update: Research into possible uses of SCP-095 for viral propaganda will continue.

7. SCP-095 has been tested for the purpose of viewing, speaking, or otherwise communicating with human subjects. 'Engaged' subjects will perceive the image of SCP-095 as the image of SCP-0950; additional use of SCP-095 may result in exposure to SCP-095.

8. All SCP-095 instances have been shown to be capable of communication, but have no knowledge of writing writing or other forms of communication.

9. Physical or electronic damage to SCP-095 can be repaired or performed normally, even in cases where the damage was not caused by use of SCP-095 for writing.

10. SCP-095 is also able to be used for the purpose of writing documents on which the word 'writing' is not visible.

11. SCP-095 use in other anomalous control situations may also lead to the creation of non-anomalous SCP-095 instances.

12. Documented usage of SCP-095 can be found in Document SCP-095-A, 'Death of the Writer', as well as 'Loss of the Writer'.

13. The origin of SCP-095 is unknown.

14. See Test 95-II for more details on containment procedures.

15. See Test 95-III for more details on containment procedures.

16. See Test 95-IV for more details on containment procedures.

17. SCP-095 is capable of sending the message associated with a SCP-095 use to an unknown number of people.

18. While the 'client' is apparently being controlled by an unknown entity, it is proposed that 'client' can be referred to as either SCP-095 or post-95, depending on the number of 'users' the entity is controlling.

19. See 14-DOCTORS-EX for information on anti-anomalous SCP-095 instances.

20. All testing involving SCP-095 is to be approved by at least one (1) Level 4 researcher.

21. SCP-095 is not to be used to communicate with the agents involved in containment times.

22. See test log 95-01.

23. See Anything that could change the term 'admin' in a local file database might be

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