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Item #: SCP-096

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-096 is contained in a standard containment area, a reinforced glass window, and a personal electric fence. SCP-096 is to be available in its room at least three times per week, and is only to be allowed to use SCP-096's bathroom.

After leaving the containment area, SCP-096 is to be placed in its room with SCP-096.

Description: SCP-096's body is a humanoid, approximately 38cm tall, with black hair and blue eyes. SCP-096 is typically found wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. SCP-096 is generally running around the house at least once a week, and will occasionally visit the house to keep track of activity. SCP-096 is always making ice cream.

SCP-096 usually offers ice cream sandwiches, but is not limited to delivering ice cream to the front porch of the patio. SCP-096 will often give the same ice cream sandwiches to adjacent members of the household, as well as stay outside the home for any reason.

When given ice cream, SCP-096 will attempt to sneak into the courtyard to eat the ice cream sandwiches. Afterwards, SCP-096 will shuffle around the house in a gait that resembles that of a human, and may occasionally consultant that Ice Cream seems to be an 'adult' thing.

At the end of each day, SCP-096 will either enter the containment area, or leave the containment area, and return to its room with SCP-096.

Addendum: External surveillance conducted after Incident-96-01.

SCP-096's last known whereabouts and the address of the house is unknown. Police records show that SCP-096 has not been seen since Incident (96-01). Recent surveillance recordings can still be heard across the property, but the access to them has been restricted to Level 2 personnel.

Addendum: A list of members of the Outside-Site staff, and the number of household members, can be found on file at Site-19.

-GoI SCP-096

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