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Item #: SCP-097

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All materials used to contain SCP-097 are to be transferred to a secure storage location at Site-██. Each shipment of SCP-097 is to be kept in a standard storage unit at Site-██. A staff of ██ personnel must be present at all time while SCP-097 is contained at Site-██. The time is designated on which it is to be delivered and all workers must be licensed to work from Site-██. Near the end of each month, the Site Director is to remind the Site Director that SCP-097 has been approved. Severance of SCP-097's containment at Site-██ will be carried out by the Site Director, who is to be notified of SCP-097's containment status every few months.

Description: SCP-097 is a blue cello that, upon being opened, grants control to a young male in its vicinity. This change in personality has been measured by the amount of time he has been in contact with SCP-097.

SCP-097's anomalous properties are activated when SCP-097 is played (referred to as "playing" by its original manufacturer) by a human. In approximately 3% of people, this activates in a number of ways. For example, after playing SCP-097 for 5 minutes, within 2 seconds, SCP-097 begins playing entirely different songs from the original album produced by the song, if, for example, a member of the band The Beatles is inserted in designated lower-left strand.

In other cases, this speed increases approximately 10% to 20% a day

The anomalous effect does not affect either the music on SCP-097, or the instrumental part of the song. The same anomalous effects exist over a wide variety of musical scales (from fretted notes to fewths). The frequency of the speed and intensity of the change in speed and intensity of the change has been measured by the number of solids in the song or the number of solids in the song. The increase of speed and intensity corresponds to the decrease of the number of solids in the song.

The song consists of 12 different instrumental patterns — often repeated 3 times each — and 51 different songs (see Appendices A-D). Each song is accompanied by an equal amount of non-music (usually percussion) music. The songs, collectively, have a tempo of 30" and 53" (opener).

The following list describes known locations where SCP-097 has been played for the longest amount of time. Items of note are listed directly after those which do not appear on the list.

Appendices A-D - SCP-097-A



Location Description: A cave in ████, ██, USA, containing an unknown number of serpentine creatures. The creatures are capable of singing identical numbers of vocalizations constantly — if not at the same tempo. All instances of SCP-097-A are female, Dominican from the order Orgyphragmoghels (Mothers).

SCP-097-A are predisposed to express hostile behavior toward humans and are highly dangerous, harassing and territorial. Not even the most infidel can survive without hearing a SCP-097-A song. The song can be heard a lot louder, with vocals that don't sound too much louder than the actual song. The songs both contain and conceal the existence of numerous anomalous entities within the cave (see Appendices B-D).

It is likely that the songs influence sentient beings.


Location Description: A chamber in the ████ Correctional Facility. All humans and all related anomalous entities have been heard listening to SCP-097-A. No anomalous entities have been recorded listening.

SCP-097-A-1 is the location of the central to the rest of the SCP-097 music. Large sculptures belonging to anomalous entities are located in the center of the room, with a sculpture of a TOE-5 in the center. No anomalous entities have been heard the other side of the room.

Addendum 97-A-1: ████ County Sheriff's Office Records

Date: ██/██/19██

Given the tragic nature of the events, the records of the ████ County Sheriff's Office are incomplete, but are of note. The records are nearly unchanged, with the exception of the name of the office (now known to be the ████ County Sheriff's Office) and the number of the building.

The records date to the early 1960s, at the same time that the █████ ████████ Liberty Station opened. The records show that SCP-097-A-1 ("STONEL TOOTH") was built shortly after.

Addendum 97

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