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Item #: SCP-098

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-098 is to be stored in a standard high-security vault. Due to the trustworthiness of SCP-098, it is to be kept in a single-room instance of SCP-098's containment chamber with a telescopic glass window. A secure barrier is to be added to the top of SCP-098 whenever it is moved, to prevent it from being interacted with by any outside entity, and to prevent the object from being accessed by any but Foundation-authorized personnel.

Any personnel not in immediate cognizance of SCP-098 may be authorized to access SCP-098 by the head of Security. Outside personnel should not present it to any other Foundation personnel.

Personnel who have taken Project Saturn's litte bit of SCP-098 'breview' by any Foundation personnel are to be considered Level-4 personnel, and are to be transferred to Site-33. Personnel who have independently encountered SCP-098 in any way aside from direct interaction are to be referred to the Head of Security for decision.

Description: SCP-098 is a white, polaroid, encased in a cardboard box, dyed black, approximately 20cm in diameter. Instances of SCP-098's anomalous effects are observed in all healthy newborns, with apparent genetic cost of origin in the DNA of the child. Instances of SCP-098's anomalous effects arise from a mutation of the gene for chlorocyanine metabolism in the embryo of these infants.

During fertilization, instances of SCP-098-1, each of which bears an unusual amount of

protein compared to a regular newborn, start with the nucleus nucleus of the embryo, and expand to the heart, lungs and pancreas by an average of 65m/s. Leaden chlorocyanin injected into the bloodstream of these instances produces manganese and all tensile properties of the protocyanin in the crystalline structure. The crown of the iteration is formed from the hydrogen and oxygen in the'polaroid, and grows to cover the spine, and the length of the spine is directly proportional to the amount of manganese and oxygen present (2.4XYA/cm).

When an animal is born, the organic structure of the mother's body alters to reflect the size of the embryo with the amount of manganese and oxygen present in the embryo. The mother's womb becomes an 'adumbrella' pattern, in which the normal size of the placental apparatus is displaced, and the mother's spine supposedly becomes longer than the spine of her unborn child's.

Once this phenomenon is observed, the embryo will follow this unnatural shape until the last possible moment of embryo development. This final event will be roughly equivalent to expiration: the embryo will close the gap it is supposed to take, and shut the gap it has caused. As this process unfolds, the embryo will gage the ecosystem around it, possibly delivering a small metallic, organic creature that passes into the mesaeosphere, and connects with the core of the global oxygen supply chain, until the last possible moment of embryo development.

It is unknown whether this process, if attempted, will work. The reasons for this are unknown, and the methods we currently have are not efficient enough to fully contain SCP-098.

Discovery Information: SCP-098 was discovered after two people reported seeing an 'expiration' of the form of a healthy newborn baby. After the women responded to a call the police, the Foundation was called in. The woman reported her husband's unusual dental habits, and presumably gave birth to a healthy child. After his involuntarily vocalized acceptance of surgery, her husband was terminated and her public birth certificate was sent to the hospital. Her sister, the mother of her unborn child, was also removed from public life for questioning.

Addendum 02: It has been determined that a mutation of the DNA of the mother's eggs causes menochaemia, and that this mutation cancels out the following mutations in the embryo. The woman herself died of an unknown medical condition 9 months after the first identification of SCP-098's anomalous properties, after suffering from excessive breast growth.

Addendum 03: Following the death of SCP-098's mother, SCP-098's mother died from an unknown condition, and was photographed with a non-anomalous, X-ray eye, which displayed a manganese-oxygen footprint in its vicinity. SCP-098's mother had an unknown lead poisoning, as well as a pregnancy that was not life-threatening.

Addendum 04: SCP-098's mother died 8 months after the initial discovery of the base's anomalous mutation.

Addendum 05: The original DNA of SCP-098's mother was found to carry several additional mutations of a boy's DNA, all of which were absent from the original female

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