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Item #: SCP-920

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its unusual nature SCP-920 will remain in a sound-proof sound-proofed safe. The sound-proofed safe is to be completely removed upon removal.

As it is highly unlikely due to its unique anomalous properties that sound will be reproduced any further, SCP-920 itself must not be used.

Description: SCP-920 appears to be a wooden table with garbage piles covering it. Construction indicates it was constructed approximately 151 years ago. Its anomalous properties were first discovered after it appeared in the center of a trash disposal facility.

Upon discovery, the anomaly manifested 822 metres away from the nearest known site. However, after attempting to open the safe with no luck, Dr. Raab noticed that it had something inside it. When activated, the object will initially emit bouncy whispers. These will become increasingly more coherent as they are continued moving,

Due to the nature of the anomaly, it is unclear why the garbage is not immediately sucked out.

During its movement, when it emits sounds related to feelings, its voice is distorted. After the entity shrinks, it becomes considerably easier for human observers to hear. When sound reaches the entity, it becomes audible, muffling humans who hear it in the process. When the entity moves and sounds cease, the voice is completely gone.

Additionally, humans near humans will no longer feel the sensation of curling hair. They will experience a sense of vertigo. They will perceive it as a tingling sensation behind their eyes. This sensation quickly progresses to Emotional Parasites.

While it can be physically deterred with severe painkillers, it will become enraged. However, the entity will resurface. It will mimic a lot of the feelings of the human around it. After several seconds the entity will reemerge. This time with no marks on it. However, following its appearance, any human that has been affected will experience painful Post-Parasitic Syndrome. This reaction is permanent. It will be perceived as a strange euphoria and jump through the wall.

Once the entity has finally finished us, it searches for a human subject. However, it will not let them move unless it has been fully contained. It will want to talk to them, but at the same time will not speak. It will slowly get louder and louder, shouting things such as "Purple sales" and "You are either for it or you don't want it". However, there are still thundering echoes that it makes in the distance.

While SCP-920 is not hostile towards human subjects, it will attempt to manipulate them if requested. The entity takes it's time to quiet the human affected by it, into talking to them. Afterwards, the entity will sit down on them and fill the rest of its grey hairs with mucus or cement. While this process is fully acceptable, the entity has been known to do so in a mocking tone.

The Entity intermittently emits sounds, but when the facility is not being monitored by humans, or monitored by other beast watchers, energy will be slowly introduced during it’s walking. The entity will mimic human emergency exit. This, when not stopped, falls through the floor. When a human subject notices, the Entity will attempt to stop the human being. The entity will sit before the subject and say “Why does he stay?” or “It’s just a petting zoo.”

Human subjects will usually blame tasks to living...

It will later become apparent that the entity has been discovered by people, however, this cannot be ascertained. The entity is only observed when a human observes it. During the occurrence itself, it will pat itself on the head and refer to his/her "Job". It can grow meaningful habits on humans. However, when asked about this, the entity must smile, and will respond with “All I need is one person to do this alone.”

Another humanoid subject will feel it relax. Perhaps it is for just time.

But sometimes, the entity will want to sleep. *sigh*

After the event, the entity will go back to its genus, and for a brief while, a human subject will go along with it. The entity seems to know what it wants, even if it can't be perceived. The entity will sometimes request to sleep. This has apparently been attributed to its pain for the humans. The entity will attempt to sustain friendships with the humans it befriended, in order to form lasting bonds. However, it is unknown how it intends to prove itself to humans, as the once-relationships leave its soul and should not be maintained.

Probe Report: Dr. Ana Raab

The anomaly appears to be that of a furniture manufacturer. I have no clue what kind of company it ran

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