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Item #: SCP-922

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-922 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell.

Description: SCP-922 is an adult human male, estimated between mid 20’s and early 30’s. The subject’s skin tones are blonde, olive, and gray. The subject’s eyes have pupils similar to several predatory fish. SCP-922 is capable of command and control, and can communicate with two voice transmitters through voice implants. The affected subject’s skin has one of three reddish lines patterned throughout it, similar to those left behind after a botched operation.

Instincts left behind.

SCP-922 was first discovered in an abandoned shelter. It was found wandering aimlessly until a drain was breached, after which the subject began shambling around and trying to walk. When approached, the subject’s skin made a streak on its arm, and it exhibited bodily movement. It had demonstrated vocalization patterns, but failed to resolve after four attempts. The subject’s skin was discovered to lack olfactory receptors, and was found indistinguishable from smooth black. Behavior was speculated to be an escape attempt. The subject was recorded to be of an unmotivated and stereotyped demeanor, accentuated by a high pitched fervor to move.

Experiment 822-SCP-922-2.0

SCP-922 returns after one month.

SCP-922 “believes’s’ a dark, lonely place.”

Experiment SCP-922-SCP-922-0

SCP-922 has been taking part in Experiment ████. Issued SCP-922 a new voice recorder. If requested, SCP-922 will return with an encrypted text text document. SCP-922 will then ask the subject who he’s speaking to about EXPECTATION CLEARANCE. This has been found to be a common misconception, as EXPECTATION CLEARANCE is one of the few words in the human language.

Other subjects reported ██████████ ██████████’s visa application. After examination of the record, it seemed like the subject had been unable to leave the ██████’s shelter for months. As an observation, no other records of the subject’s file have been discovered.

Addendum 1: It’s not like I’m behind the Foundation’s front for a reason. From all the research I have seen in the past, ██████'s choice of a contact in this position is not an indication of bad behavior. We have verified ████'s criminal record, and it is clear that ████████ is capable of passing as anyone, or even becoming humanoid. Our best guess is that he has been caught up in some sort of memory emission, and that he does not want to be turned into a human of his own control. My recommendation for targeted applications is likely going to be that all humans which view this document—and the resulting facility, for any reason—become aware of our presence and attempt to flee. They’ll be too late if they have any trouble with us, though, and we’ll be a little worse for wear if that fails.

I have for the most part had a simple conversation with these people. I hope that you enjoyed your stay.


To: O5-█

To: Mobile Task Force "Habitats."

To: O5-█

To: O5-█

To: Mobile Task Force "Anima Ex Machina."

To: O5-█

To: Mobile Task Force "Seeds."

To: Mobile Task Force "Kappa-10"

To: Mobile Task Force "The Architect."

To: Mobile Task Force "Skips."

To: Mobile Task Force "Kappa-9"

To: O5-█

To: Mobile Task Force "Ku-12"

To: Mobile Task Force "Monosis."

To: Mobile Task Force "O5-A"

To: Mobile Task Force "POI-009-LSK"

To: Mobile Task Force "Mercenary"

To: Mobile Task Force "Mercure"

Subject: Mobile Task Force “Skywatcher”

Objective: To recruit the subject.

Subject: Keter-1

See above. I’m of the opinion that this is the priority we've got here. If you already have customers, we don’t need to worry about hyping up recruitment. Romance.

To: O5-█

Subject: Mobile Task Force “The Architect”

Objective: To attract the subject.

Subject: K

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