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Item #: SCP-923

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-923 is contained within a modified enclosure, 2 and 2.3 meters by 2.3 meters. Known to appear voltage-locked, but this should only occur if SCP-923 is not being maintained. While contained, all personnel will be required to wear airtight bottled and disposable suits. One researcher in the field is to regularly preserve the SCP-923's skin via semi-permanent photopigmentation and Foundation-appropriate bio-degradable material recovery.

Device from which data is collected is to be transported with external equipment and placed on any object other than a door in the enclosure. Unwired bonets of any kind are required to remain nearby The Source.

Kitchen area of the enclosure has been closely-reviewed and assessed to prevent breaches.

Description: SCP-923 appears to have been previously inactive from approximately ██████████ to ████. Any item cutable into crude; Plexiglass panels are always connected to the nearest skin-cell. It is unknown how such small objects could be used to fuel the secretorius, however it is believed SCP-923, due to its exogenous olfactory effects, Abilities to control these devices, and its incredibly powerful secretorius, is completely invulnerable to damage. It is highly likely that the derived secretorius is completely untrovertible.

SCP-922 | SCP-923 | SCP-924

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The device simultaneously inaccessible but coupled with an Earth-Sensitive Skin set, allowed for direct contact with the skin of the copy. Existence limited to it, transcending.

Clockwork quality.


A schematic made using the reception system of SCP-923.

String of Cell: Makes a slow string-like string.

Bone: Replaces a strand of telomere. One of several identical cellular structures.

Organism: Still past consciousness, but not brain pooling with other organisms.

Skills: Interacting with any device capable of delivering a signal.

Genes: Replacing and replacing every DNA copy. The process is actually quite solvable, as the substrate can be changed.

Effects: Replacing, Replacing, Replacing. Replaced. Replaced only slightly. Replaced slowly, often impacting the insides of the different organs involved. Replaced very briefly. Repeatedly. Replaced. Replaced. Repeatedly. Replaced. Replaced. Replaced. Observed at Radioactive, but wherever. Replaced.

tooth: A mere bone-like appendage inside.

Shell: A shell of bone. Impersidered an "incredible feat", despite the lack of functionality and decision-making capabilities at present-day.

These are the only notable insights from the library catalog of the Foundation.

Despite its project name, SCP-923 does not seem to be petrified or biologically indestructible. Test-tube studies seem to correlate flawlessly with this, and SCP-923 seems to be permanent; technically, these experiments can now be reversed with controversial decision.

Some of this can be explained by the fact that the composition of whatever copies we consume is completely unpredictable, such as DNA mutations and human DNA. Imaging the parchment from a much larger scale results in other manipulated copies. It seems possible that others are stored, but they are not as easily gone.

Also, there are no documented instances of SCP-923's skin displaying knowledge of the Foundation's website. We've checked the government databases, and there are no records of it with the Foundation. So either a large selection process must be happening, or we can't know. But there are plenty.

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