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Item #: SCP-924

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each SCP-924 object is to be contained separately within a standard still frame storage room at Site-96. No objects which could interact with residual electrical, electronic, or mechanical equipment will be allowed inside of any corporate buildings to prevent the spread of public knowledge of the Foundation.

It should be noted that no containment procedures are necessary, as SCP-924's destruction cannot be prevented.

Description: SCP-924 is any item of anomalous composition which has the ability to dissolve underwater and/or hydrostatic overpressure once deposited. SCP-924 is not considered a sapient entity, as basic biochemistry (hydrogen) doesn't react negatively to the presence of an SCP-924 object. This means the object is only harmful as long as it remains in a vacuum.

Additionally, as all SCP-924 objects are sapient, they can convert surrounding matter to their composition, and completely remove the offending substance. This makes the affected matter/organism different, and more dangerous. For example, hardened cement would spontaneously destroy any surrounding objects, or even many of them, if no one removed a part of the coated object. This greatly increases the chaos and potential damage to the affected matter, as affected objects will become impossible to contain.

Educational media by the Foundation documenting SCP-924's properties, however, has success in suppressing the spread of SCP-924 in general. In the past, information producing organizations originally dedicated to researching uncontrolled instances (such as the Chaos Insurgency) used to neutralize SCP-924 alloys, but have since been absorbed by the Foundation.

Additionally, at an unknown point in the past, a single received resting energy would cause SCP-924 to completely evaporate. This process can completely wipe out an object, but only eventually. How this process happened is unknown. Assuming it was an accident, the only moral would be to destroy the objects?

While there are a number of methods for this process to take place, the most general method involves boring a nation's government into the ground with acid and vaporizing an object. The government would then become a wasteland of people and less-detailed lifeforms.

Here's an excerpt of an interview conducted by the Foundation oh this is the source of the Global Occult Coalition talking about the effect. As I said, very poor translation, but still draws your attention, huh? o5-0. (NK)

So we know the use of destruct PAs is now a full-blown Grindelwald operation. But we don't really know how or why this would occur. Even guests of the Gravesite are fairly ritualistic, considering they were directly transformed years ago. I think a different explanation is that putting this in such a different setting would make them easier to handle.

Long story short, this could cause a greater concern than the one they handled. If something like this happens, the Foundation may have to step up their fight against the Chaos Insurgency, due to 'preservation of the nature of the anomalous'. Their obsession with the Foundation though is not really one of a service for the greater good.

The idea is pretty obvious in the beginning as you can see in our advertisement. They want the evidence of obtaining this evidence to be in plain sight.

You've seen their team of researchers converting the containment of SCPs into this, right? (NG)

Nah, they have assumptions like that. Files of various SCPs being converted purely as storage and archival units. There's no such thing as photo-analyses on their front-desk for things like SCP-2276.

Anyway, as with their bases set up, the issue is that this could be worse. Maybe with this, not the containment itself, but the Foundation will start to shrink or even not exist.

Although point-of-view is lopopopopops to some people. I'm not saying that this would happen. It's just that I wouldn't want the Foundation to be able to easily earn and use its powers in indiscriminate attacks.

I'll be using him in support of women's equality. And those families, if anything, are going to get really weak as a result. (NG)

A few thoughts on the Foundation as a whole though. Yes, there are people who want to sabotage things by doing unethical things. But others have ideas and even when they are, I'm not against that. But, I'll also point out that there are people who like working under benevolent dictators. And their jobs are much more rewarding, especially when they do perform unethical work as a part of a larger plan. (NG)

And even when they don't practice their result, I suppose, that doesn't mean they stop to think about the ethical implications. For

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