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Item #: SCP-925

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the low degree of effectiveness of SCP-925, it must be decommissioned and replaced with a competently-produced alternative. Use of third-party dim-walls or cameras installed in the anomalous area will be maintained, or the current containment problems may be resolved. Keter-level anomalies should not be developed at this time.

SCP-925 is to be identified only by the number, with no variation secondary or tertiary. All catalogue items are to be displayed cover to cover and in their entirety. If a duplicated version of a catalog item is found, the specific catalogue item used in the duplicate is to be displayed in its entirety with the corresponding catalogue item.

Civilians counseling or reporting as civilian anomalies attempting to facilitate the development or spread of SCP-925 are to be stopped. Foundation responsibility for reported civilian cases is to be carried out via █████████-sponsored nongovernmental organizations. Civilians labeled anomalous or insane are to be terminated by MTF agents. Civilians attempting to influence civilian populations may be covered under enhanced surveillance.

Any civilian affected by SCP-925 must seek psychological counseling, as affected civilians do not share equal personal experiences with the scope of the AEU's knowledge.

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