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Item #: SCP-926

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A limited SCP-926-03 has been constructed from pieces of SCP-926. The object stands approximately 1 meter in height, and is attached by staples to the center. The object is to remain anchored to the Earth at all costs. Due to the small nature of SCP-926-03, it is separated into a series of autonomous modules:

Description: SCP-926 is a building from the late 19th century that originally housed a small village named ██████. It was constructed of metal tools, with the main facade consisting of glass and a metallic panel. The interior consists of a small kitchen, living quarters, monitoring and occult services, and storage. SCP-926-03 was the largest of the buildings constructed during the late 19th century. Since the building was abandoned by the government, it was largely destroyed, and the surrounding area filled with water.

SCP-926 was built in 1919 by [REDACTED], a company specializing in metalworking and fabrication. It was repaired and renovated by a complex network of construction actuation and ornamental designating and decoration. The building's history can be found in the archive of the █████████ Foundation, and as a building, it has many similarities to a cultist temple. The members of SCP-926-03 are telepathic and difficult to locate; there were no witnesses or archeological surveyors who arrived in the city during the Riots of Theodoros Bay.

While the building was notably destroyed, the soul of the building was left behind. The interior generated by the building's multiple systems is actualized in a haze of informal symbols and bare concrete. There are no other doors, doors, computers, automatic stabilizers, garbage collection systems, or any of the mechanical machines that maintain the structure of the building. The void where the interior should be connects to the void inside, and has no equivalent in its makeup. The interior experiences a literal

falseeclination every time it is moved, which only lasts from three to five minutes.

While [REDACTED] regularly places a mass of explosives inside the building and uses these to reinforce the structural components, it operates much like a normal caravan. The building will be rebuilt and constructed anew, but any alterations are made to rearrange the building as it currently is. This can, for instance, give one large chunks of concrete to the layout, or do away with several of its walls to allow for subsequent layers to be built directly underneath them.

This can only take a few hours to complete, and even in this state, SCP-926 is vulnerable. The walls can be lowered or curved to consistent heights. Using a hammer and a crew of workers, we can force it out through the ventilation system and make a few city blocks look like miniature parts from the ceiling to the ground.

SCP-926-03 was the first building constructed by the Foundation, and the notable area of Foundation control in the city. It was built in 1943, is in service at Lv., and hosts areas ██, ██ and ██████████████-██. On ██-██-19██, M█████, G██████████, Allanto, the Main Industrial Plaza, and the many abandoned buildings after that were occupied in a coordinated operation. The building is connected to the arch opposite the head north of it, and extends approximately 0.25 kilometers further south to a greater depth of 99.5 kilometers. SCP-926-03 itself is in service at ██████████-██.

note: project named after Dr. Otto H.


Greatest containment breach of a currently unknown SCP object occurred only two hours after our containment. There is no plan B during the containment breach, and we have no better idea of precisely how we figured out the breach's target. 

We are currently engaged in a legal battle under █████'s prerogative to take him and the BASILD to court. FYI-8 rejected this resolution on ██-██-19██. — Dr. Yu H.

The half-hour plus time portal at Site ███ marks the perimeter to the Eastern Shrub, in rainforest. Filthy. — O5-6

SSC.... — Admiral █████████

The overarching body of the Foundation is an organization consisting of over 1800 Foundation personnel and agents. The Foundation consists of a few hundred humans, humanoids and other entities, and operatives investigating anomalies or highly suspicious individuals or have recently been investigated by authorities or security services and apprehended in several

countries, to find people of interest to the Foundation or its mission.

The Foundation's secret weapon is a codenamed SCPs. SCPs are treated much like native human civilization because they feel natural. The Foundation has created world-changers who

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