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Item #: SCP-927

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-927’s containment area is to be surrounded by security personnel at all times. SCP-927 is not to be entered or noticed by any of those personnel. SCP-927 may be taken or gained by any means, including but not limited to:

•Classification as a Safe Euclid

•Classification as an Keter-Class object

•Classification as a Keter-Class object

For further information, see Document 927-T-3203.

Description: SCP-927 is a set of two phrases, severely distorted, written on the back of a single slip of paper, typed in semi-transparent ink. They are described as follows:

“This letter means tasting of flowers. I’ve eaten my fill and I’m done.”

“It’s been a pleasure.”

“They’re not dead.”

"They’re still alive.”

"I’m not happy about that. If I couldn’ve known, I would not eat them."

•Recognition as a Keter-Class object

•Appointment as a S x T (Resigned) item

SCP-927’s current containment procedures are as follows:

•SCP-927 can be broken into pieces and sold for scrap. Objects known to be capable of being used as a means of transportation are to be confiscated and destroyed.

•SCP-927 may be sold (see addendum).

For further information, see Document 927-T-3203.

Document 927-T-3203:

This letter meant no disrespect, but this letter meant that I could eat my fill and I’m done. I’ve eaten my fill and I feel it’s time to eat my fill. Sometimes I truly feel like I should eat more. If I’m heading to the toilet I need to cry. If I’m in the distance I’ll cry. I’mickemnd them ;]

If I wait until the end of the bell, I’ll cry. To that end, thanks.

If I get the letter before it ends and then think about saving it, I’ll cry. If I feel that it was pointless to save it, I’ll be quiet. Hope you have a happy, peaceful Christmas.

SCP-927’s current containment procedures include:

•SCP-927 is not to be removed from the room where it’s currently in, even if there are people around that time.

•Testing with SCP-927 is to be conducted with the use of no fewer than three personnel.

•Testing with SCP-927 is to take place in a secure Locker Room or Vault marked with girders or simulated doors.

SCP-927 may be opened, locked, or otherwise physically interacted with, in any environment. Counters will display hostile output to this interaction, but will display no hostile action towards personnel

Once per day, personnel will trigger an activation event. Affected personnel will become a thoroughly animated statue sculpted from light and shadow, visual and tactile, based on the programmed drawing. Or in an unaltered state, depending on the local context. Copies of the image will manifest at the exact height and angle achieved at activation, so even allowing for its artistic rendering.

Note: My hair ran clean after this. Mission creep.

Addendum: For complete local documentation of the activation event, see Documentation Log 927-T-3203.

Document 927-T-3203:

To whom it may concern,

This letter was found in the home of John Robinson during a routine inventory inspection. Robson had purchased a set of three "dream math" sets. Scares, he’d told them, mostly involved inferences from dreams. You would gather, clean, transmit the information to the wizard, collect it, then abandon the object. I mean, I hope you’d be able to, as we live in a nightmare world. You can pay right now, but we’ll keep it on his desk until he gets here. You can do right now.

How you hear me, Robson, I’m not soliciting money. I'm … I’m just saying, while studying one of his services Is this the sort of thing you do when you love your mother, PAP, that god. Why would one make god? Even in dreams, you don’t have to worry about the old woman hating you. It�

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