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Item #: SCP-928

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-928 every 15 days is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber, centered on a single level 8 protective biohazard containment area. During this time period, SCP-928 is to undergo twenty or more daily physical tests before being allowed access to SCP-928's chamber for testing. Due to the ongoing litigation over the legality of this procedure, any disruption to SCP-928’s tests is to be handled by Foundation personnel, unless an authorised site spokesman recommends otherwise or requests further clarification.

-O5-19 May 2017

When not referred to as “Keagan’s House of Doors” by SCP-928, it is to be held in a transparent glass chamber at all times. The chamber is to be locked and guarded by at least 3 Level-8 security personnel at all times. This includes stopping unauthorized access.

Description: SCP-928 appears to be a human male of indeterminate race, twenty-four years of age, being held permanently in captivity by Dr. ███████. Dr. ███████ has made no attempt to contact SCP-928, the reason for this is yet to be ascertained.

At present, Dr. ███████ refuses to confirm or deny the existence of the humanoid entity; any action he takes will be immediately regarded as ethical tampering with a subject. Dr. ███████ claims to have a jurisprudence regarding the ethical behaviour of SCP-928 that consists exclusively of its obvious anomalous properties.

Channeling a living humanoid SCP-928 larger than the human form into a human subject, Dr. ███████ claims to be able to flee from death in very distant painful ways, as recorded haphazardly from inside the subject. In many cases of extreme resuscitation, replacement of the subject with a living object bearing a similar anomalous properties will be taken as trivial and will simply result in the same preserved state. The object would then be baptized with the subject's blood. Other instances of SCP-928 currently have as little as 20% chance of surviving. As of yet, no sign of life has been observed in the instance of this transforming into a living human subject in the collection of this entity.

Dr. ███████, even as a severe cancer patient and chronic user of lethal drugs, has steadfastly refused to engage in this practice, though he has expressed several relief instances in his hospital visitation, including Memorial Day.

Recovery Log: SCP-928 first appeared to have been located in █████, ███, USA, in ████ after a set of six adult male victims manifested in the containment unit of Site-64 and attempted to break the 6th wall of Dr. ███████’s house. It was discovered by the site’s assistant, prompting protocol to detain the entity as a means of containing it before the subject gained an understanding of SCP-928. Though Foundation agents contacted the police, the initial contact was on ██/██/████, when an intoxicated Dr. ███████ used the entity to accomplish multiple tasks that would take over an entire family.

The following conference call log was intercepted by an SCP-928-2 entity.

(Dr. ███████ disembodies, unseen, holding a swollen piece of mouth and nose tissue. Dr. ███████’s comrade and roommates, Agent ███████ and Agent Yvonne, are in the room, presumably with him in their cell. Agent Yvonne, (eats a fork of chicken) Agent ███████ . . . . )>

Dr. ███████: Agent Yvonne, I hope you’re OK.

Agent ███████: I’ve had enough of this shit. Not that it was directly to anybody’s face, but I mean, can you not mentally put it aside, please, no matter how personal, and the situation, I’ve got something you should see?

Dr. ███████: Yeah, I guess it helps. Seriously. I just had a good run with these guys, even if I can’t meet with them because…

Agent ███████: Right…Right. Let’s just go pick up.

Dr. ███████ opens his mouth to speak, only for the Locks to be visible.

Dr. ███████ (slurs. Going deeper)

Dr. ███████: Oh, I’m out of ideas. I think I should just take a run on this damn thing.

Agent ███████: …No. Oh, I will finish and then stop talking.

Dr. ███████ resumes speaking, confirming that he’

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