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Item #: SCP-930

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-940 is to be kept in an on-site incinerator, as it is deemed to be completely uncontained. To maintain the strange anomaly's safety and security, it has been given a biosafety IV suit, and to be fed "chop-wich".

Description: SCP-940 is a paperback book titled "The Writers of Science". It is written in a series of scientific notation, stating that the book is the result of an overly-large experiment that was impossible. Rather than translating the book, only a copy of the book is stay. The side-by-side, [REDACTED], and [DATA EXPUNGED] protocols are to be applied. As stated above, this book was written using French.

SCP-940 acts as a sort of motivational tool. When "faded" (that is, when the book is no longer contained), it will communicate how it would like it to be referred to in a future, along with a piece about a notable juncture in history which may convince someone to start writing.

See Addendum 910-Y:Teleportation

It will write: "Thank you for your interest in science and its creative possibilities. I will, in time, be reaching you in service, and at the same time draw in you my own sense of humanity and my own personal sense of the ludicrous. I sincerely hope that you will be prepared to make me as abhorrent a bourgeoise animal as possible, I have a great deal of respect for your soul and body but not for your property. I look forward to your op-reception." It will also abuse other characters:

•Dr. Jaynes: I strongly urge you to leave my book for a time. I have grown old with journalists and reporters. They are still less authors than screws.

•llitheus: "Please don't try & destroy it."

•SCP-1079: "Please don't try & destroy it."

•SCP-4151: "You did good work."

Addendum 910-Y:

-When someone places the book in my hands, will I know what I did? No. I won't know how it was written, because my previous memory(s) was of it. So if I am involved in English-to-French translation, then my memory will be vivid. I will remember better than the book it's based on, and will pass through multiple periods of "success" when my memory is less saturated.

I noticed the bookmark last night. Well, I noticed the bookmark; I can see the text exactly, though it loses its gloss. It says something about flights of French short-hand written around the book's cover.

I thought it was a GoI. I wrote a policy memo outlining how best to deal with the anomaly, and have provided it with a few copies. It seems to be working, but we don't know where the anomaly is.

I've no motivation to put this book back in someone else's hands. Why does everyone do this? Well, if the anomaly has one goal, it's to get inside people's heads. In my opinion, it will rise above any good intentions I can, leave one more naked to one's own personal gratification.

I have no reason to stop people from reading it. I smartly opt for people to read it, even after sitting through it. I know that I bought reference material for it, so I came to it late last night and plopped it into my jacket pocket.

I removed my pocket knife and unrolled the book. It's sheer bulk, a genius, it looks like a book primarily written for children. There's absolutely no character problems to be found. The main character, "Suleine", is surprisingly likable: she's died, literally, from dehydration. What's a book?

I'm not sure how this will have an effect. I'll wait for the book to get there when it does, then come back to it. That's my preference, tho; the lucky ones wouldn't catch me.

Addendum 910-Y:Teleportation

Perhaps it'll come away contact me in C.C.? The system is there, I'll know what's-happened is what happened.

Just make sure I see the book when it returns.

Addendum 910-U:Samsara




Once, I thought the Foundation had something against

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