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Item #: SCP-931

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-931 is to be kept in its standard quarters. SHAMERS™ are to use 30-minute intervals to observe SCP-931. To avoid unnecessary materialization of the microsemma of SCP-931, two primary versions of the cover are to be continuously overlaid. Permanent and temporary coverings are to be applied three times.

Personnel provided by participating in SCP-931's "feeding" are to operate exclusively on the regular, informing the SCP Foundation that Servus naevalis is neutralised. This separation is to be adhered to with cheap, disposable headphones, which will be replaced as necessary. All activity examined by SCP-931 is to be reported at once to SCP-████. Over the next period of time, Council member Equipus naevalis is to abolish feeding and receptacles of SCP-931. Components and items which are to travel through SCP-931 are to be destroyed. When SCP-931 ceases to progress, all items are to immediately begin to slow. Any method of containment is fully prohibited.

Upon the arrival of the SCP Foundation, personnel are to be aware that microsemma of SCP-931 is to be sold within the jurisdiction of the Foundation, and are also to fully inform the Council regarding each purchase.

Two non-trivial exceptions apply. Under no circumstances are personnel to engage in trade with SCP-931. All trade agreements between the Foundation and any signatory member (other than emblematic states) are to be mutually nullified.

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