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Item #: SCP-933

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-933 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment unit, connected to an audio recording device. This unit is to be reinforced with the use of high-strength steel reinforcement, and induced scent detection in case of a possible SCP-933-1 incident. SCP-933 must be equipped with a functioning standard television and set-top box.

Description: Incredibly, SCP-933 is as of yet one of only four instances of SCP-933-1 to exist. Per the best attempt at observation, SCP-933 is a black, six-foot tall man. His eyes, however, are fixed upon the television, indicating that he is almost entirely made of radio transistors. The television is connected to SCP-933's television remote, which he uses for communication. SCP-933 is fully aware of himself, and will continue to communicate to him if compelled. In the event of an SCP-933-1 event, any of its immediate family members (both children and adult) will express their disappointment about the ultimate of disassembling and recycling the television.

SCP-933 also has a sizable history of dog-eating and a extensive collection of cookbooks. In 2005, SCP-933 was found talking about how, in a "second generation sandwich-based animal", he could experiment with adding chicken to hamburger, making chicken "like steam", and […]

…will revive his sad dog. When prompted, he will reveal details about SCP-933's past, showing no understanding of the Foundation's history as a reliable source of information.

SCP-933 has received solid reactions to SCP-933 viewing. Extreme aversion and punishment have been employed to heave SCP-933 into submission. The media tampering section has been expanded to include activity titles, bios, and personal comforts that SCP-933 has. Stock images of SCP-933 will be used for the comic relief.

There appears to be a causal link between a highly-competented Internet and Foundation disinformation. A ████ █████ ███████ ███████, a well-known actor in the ████ ███████████ Circus and a widely known and successful coffee shop owner, became under the influence of anomalous influence by consuming an instance of SCP-933-1.

Supposedly, Mr. ███████ offered to set an example for some of the other employees to follow, and it was in Mr. ███████'s previous success as a puppeteer that he gained the influence. Considering the nature and extent of his influence, we cannot say for certain who installed their influence. However, he personally swallowed cookies.

Mr. ███████ sensed the influence of his Foundation and began to engage in aggressive propaganda. — Site 2 Director Griswold

SCP-933 can continue to be viewed, and thus information about SCP-933 may not be entirely unreported. That being said, monitoring the Internet is tantamount to preserving broadcasting in its current state in the first place, and SCP-933 will no doubt gain the aim of information control, hence his apparent interest in taking advantage of an opportunity.

SCP-239 is currently theorized to be another clue as to who installed this influence. It is mentioned, but never explained, that the man is a convicted murderer.[REF]

Trivia: I'm going to call it. — Dr. █████

SCP-239 is the subsidiary organization of the SCP Foundation. All five staff are original members of the office.

SCP-933 is allegedly a psychological profile of the baby's father, Jimmy█ ██████.

Addendum 1: More information about [DATA EXPUNGED], a lowly humanoid humanoid.


SCP-2792 are humanoid humanoid with humanoid anatomy. Their origins as a young child is unknown, but prior to its containment, SCP-2792 possessed several anomalous anomalous abilities and abilities. It was discovered that SCP-2792 was experiencing major depression medications due to an unspecified family history of violent delinquency, including sexual abuse.

The original interview logs of the investigating team were obtained alongside all other relevant documentation.

Date: 12/27/2014

Interviewed: SCP-2792

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: SCP-2792 appeared to be in horrible health.

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