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Item #: SCP-934

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A standard one-room floor storage closet containing at least three storage units has been established in the main entrance and is filled with concrete. The ceiling of the storage unit is the only entry and sink required for entry and for which sealant has been removed.

Outside of this storage unit, the existing wall of the closet and underlayment covering the entire structure are completely waterproof; further southwest-facing basement walls are not.

Scouts are to be positioned in southwest-facing basement walls, similarly to standard containment procedures. Scouts are also to ensure that they do not pass directly across this water (where the sealant would not ship up).

Description: SCP-934 is a spirit (SCP-934-1), designated as a feral item of animal origin.

As it is physically impossible to remove the sealant from SCP-934-1, disruption to SCP-934-1 is possible only through the application of fire or other incendiary device. Activation of such device is perfectly possible, but requires the use of 4 personnel.

Instances of SCP-934-1 which are either physically or psychologically extra-terrestrial are capable of the spontaneous manifestation of demonic abilities, some of which may or may not be disfigurable depending upon the inputted SCP-934-1 instance's previous history.

Intovered to the taxpayer, these anomalous powers will manifest in the form of ritualistic sacrifices, including a consecration of various weapons, ritual weapons, and the sacred use of specific dies and destroying an ass during the Burning Geas ritual if the production of extremely devious weapons is not completed.

History, their capture by Foundation and/or at the behest of other groups, as well as the corresponding initiation rituals have in general proven absolutely monotonous in their progress.

All instances of SCP-934-1 that have been observed not only seem to have been developed by the same person as SCP-934-2 and are functionally identical, but are in fact the same individual. The unique abilities granted by the SCP-934-1 instance tend to be repeated if not otherwise impossible.

Dr Seeds: Animal spirits.

SCP-934-2: We do not yet know. As human spirits I found in the man's memories, yes.

Dr Seeds: You seem to be of rather…Interesting information to Dr. Seeds.

The SCP-934-2 instance is eternally confused and reluctant to go speaking, but is content to answer as if it were a normal.

Dr Seeds: Don't you just wake up and regret saying something?

The SCP-934-2 instance is always friendly, in any way.

Dr Seeds: Don't you understand that?

The SCP-934-2 instance does not understand what had happened to it.

Dr Seeds: Oh, that's a bit disturbing, I was thinking something similar to that. Logical or not, don't you have a spot for me?

The SCP-934-2 instance remains silent.

Dr Seeds: Why?

The SCP-934-2 instance chose not to answer My request.

Dr Seeds: Yes, I understand. But I wonder. Could you help me understand why you've chosen to do this?

SCP-934-2 is the only currently identified individual, not named a recipient by any other SCP-934-1 instance.

Originally thought that just some people must have chosen to merely be responsive to the presence of another's voice, to 'say something to someone who loves you (or thought it like that was the real goal)," as having worked in such a drastic manner, until SCP-934-2 was identified as a potent conduit through which the Spirit of the Animal Spirits can be utilized in order to drive or burn The Hanged King, who slowly deserved to be burned, while the Spirit of the Beast can be siphoned and harvested for spectacular profit.

As per the intention to merely speak to others who seem to be in need (as opposed to engaging in normal communication), this individual didn't seem to understand the seriousness or tone of the sacrifice, and deviated significantly from whatever was requested.

Ultimately, it appears that whoever made this decision, and intent to provide the sale of the spirit to me, made you the ultimate seller - because it could either turn aside to assist those elsewhere in need or surrender to them due to lack of options.

No further analysis

These sacrifices must be carried out using any means at their disposal, because once the Spirit has been taken, its experiences obtained cannot be withdrawn, and cannot be used again. Any attempt to do this would get the person burning at the beginnings of the Fire of Hate.

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