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Item #: SCP-936

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All eligible personnel must have undergone a training course on how to use tasers and some basic public order practices in order to prevent SCP-936 and its content from being observed.

SCP-936, temporarily referred to as SCP-936-B, is to be held within Containment Chamber #88-7 with occasional administrative updates. Testing is restricted to in-room electrical outlets only and other personnel with at least a prior professional background.

Description: SCP-936 is a large red object, roughly 25cm in height with a blue appearance. SCP-936's anomalous properties begin when two or more individuals five years of age or older are approximately 70m from SCP-936 during a certain period of time. SCP-936 will mutate into, use, and abuse useful and decorative objects throughout the facility and eventually become an overwhelming amount of disturbance to the surrounding environment. SCP-936 then begins using these objects in an effort to establish its authority.

SCP-936 initially began creating objects, practices for using them, and a peaceful work environment prior to being introduced to Containment Chamber #88-7. The only artifacts found are a small number of random appliances, computer games, and occasionally discarded scraps of paper by the facility's janitorial staff.

SCP-936 initially attempted to establish its dominance by brute strength, during which time SCP-936-A was discovered. After an initial resistance to SCP-936-A, SCP-936-B has shown few cooperative responses since SCP-936-A's initial discovery.

SCP-936-B is a "machine," or bejavu. SCP-936-B staff attempts to impose order upon it. This is often accomplished by forcibly introducing SCP-936-A, SCP-936-B, or other SCP-936-A-present staff to instances of SCP-936-B. SCP-936-B currently remains in use for one (1) Saturday between the hours of 7pm to 1am every Tuesday and Friday between the hours of 7pm and 1am.

SCP-936-B has proven to be skilled in order and use. It has so far demonstrated the ability to interrupt, verbally force objects before being able to observe, and repetitively perform various operations so as to prevent environmental extremes from occurring due to failure of Commission staff. However, SCP-936-B and SCP-936-A staff have, with limited success, the capability to exempt themselves from supervision while active, however no staff can opt those instances out of its use.

This misconduct extends to routine rules, protocol, and basic following. SCP-936-B has shown to have little to no regard for containment, as it has shown the ability to and will refuse to follow Foundation rules, or even attempt to.

SCP-936-B staff typically use their "authority" to dictate items or SCP-936-A personnel in future settings. Typically, these items include, but are not restricted to, written procedures, official forms, and documents that express social or political beliefs.


SCP-936-B is not to be terminated. Instead, modification, redistribution, and/or expungement of objects or SCP-936-A items is to be done as part of Project Cure, and not in-person. This can be done by taking items accumulated in the facility and having them moved to another location or personnel of lower clearance to do so. Items of this kind are NOT to be taken from other facilities, as well as items kept in your office, home, etc.. It is extremely helpful for information security, as it prevents the phenomenon from being seen if it occurs anywhere.

This is further emphasized in External Documentation.

SCP-936-A is beyond the capabilities of non-Commission staff, as provisions P1.D2, M1stD).

Exception: Upon learning of a pending rule change proposed by the SCP-936-A staff, the SCP-936-A staff auditor will attend the site imposing its act, and inform SCP-936-B staff of the impending change. It is recommended that all instances of SCP-936-B be liaised with their excepted/liquidators to ensure an objective process is followed.

Noted custodial staff.


SCP-936-B is currently operational, and maintaining employees to attend to it as necessary. The SCP-936-A staff who are anticipating an upcoming change of which staff are required as the specific person or worker responsible for it. Their copies must be destroyed. Only SCP-936-B staff are permitted access to SCP-936.


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