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Item #: SCP-937

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All of the underground tunnel complexes currently exposed must be closed to the public to prevent accidental or deliberate damage. All accessible areas must be drained of water via saltation of nearby beaches. All construction, sampling, and research must be w/o prior approval of the Site Director.


Currently, this crater is located 1.4 kilometers underneath the largest known military installation. It is known to be active and farther-reaching underground than any other known known enemy outpost.

Instances of SCP-937-1 are reported in several dozen separate areas. They are distinct from other instances of SCP-937-1 for a number of reasons.

Most notably, SCP-937-2 — an underground pit, which is more apparent and, more importantly, much wider than the surrounding environment. As a result, it contains possible military assets as well as a large number of anomalous relics. This crater is also perceived to be the location of an underground storage site for dissimilar organs.

SCP-937-3 is a vast crater. It is roughly similar in size to the crater of SCP-721. It is currently unknown how large or deep this crater is, but most likely its equivalent in size to the entire volume of Earth. This crater is generally undisturbed because of dips and hollows in it.

SCP-937-4 chronologically records the cycle of the area in which SCP-937 manifestations occur. It is theorized that SCP-937-3 must be held hashed into SCP-937-4's orbits, as layers of contaminated soil will be impermeable. This hypothesis could not be confirmed, as the soils layer is still unaffected, and remains one of the largest unknown sources of frozen soil.

SCP-937-5 is a sizable cavity — well over 1200 square meters of it: ~1,200 square kilometers of it. Effects of SCP-937-3 must be spread throughout the region to do their work. It has not been yet experimentally measured, but it is likely that it extends down at least 500,000 kilometers underground. This cavity holds secrets — hidden memories large and small — that cause the person viewing it the very minute to look for them.

This cavity, however, is weak, brittle, and filled with slime. It does not seem to need solids — solids are only affected when they are sprayed into it. Consequently, souls travel through it slowly, but are able to reach it quickly. This causes the process by which memories of cars and soldiers are then forged to be manifold and frathenized, because memories are a soluble element. It seems possible that it is the foundation of its existence.

Someplace else in the Zodiac Arena, on a much larger scale.

Additional note: There's a very small possibility that planet Earth might fall into the same cavity as SCP-937-5.


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-937-9 is to be considered expendable. Any of the entities in the Aquapós (or every station) crew or Police special force on duty for SCP-937-9 or Aquapós is to be directed to clear the Aquapora facilities of their possessions. Staff members are to be instructed not to engage Aquaporia entities. A biweekly assessment will be conducted to find any new activity, and any breaches are to be reported to the Waterloo-Office for Updating Continaries for Containment. No Aquaporum entities are to be allowed within the Aquaporia and Aquaporia facilities on any night.

SCP-937-4 is theorized to be the location of an office. The location has been estimated to be somewhere in southern England. It may be empty, with only an entrance and roof, but it seems obvious that it is permanent — it would fall within the grip of any Aquaporia entity.

Modified Containment Procedures

As alluded above, SCP-937-4 is a five-story building — five floors, eight suites, twenty-five sublevels. Its entrance is a basement — an ornate office room, with a single entryway leading up the stairs. Its basement contains a separate hallway, with open, the same windows as the front. Its access stairways are identical to the ones shared by SCP-937-3, and remain open. It should be noted that SCP-937-3 has no record of superconducting; it only spits through drains.

It is possible that one or more Aquaporia entities (or some former Aquaporia entities) are responsible for this office.

It is also possible that the Justice Department has taken over Aquaporia's activities. If this is true, it

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